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Sideswipe is an Autobot warrior. He is always happy to show off his prowess in the heat of battle, and is willing to do whatever it takes to win. He's also a bit of a smart-aleck, and this tends to cheese off his comrades.


Transformers: Exodus

Sideswipe made his name at the Autobot victory of Kalis, bringing down Bruticus Maximus with Optimus Prime and Jazz. Sideswipe boasted that he tore off Bruticus' head, a claim Alpha Trion considered hyperbole. Optimus did not consider Sideswipe one of his closest comrades but he was often present at their meetings. He concurred with Jazz that fighting Darkened Decepticons was better than fleeing, and he did so when Megatron invaded Teletraan-1 and took the Plasma Energy Chamber. Afterwards he aided in extracting Optimus when he rescued Sentinel Prime from Kaon, and guarded over Jazz and Prowl as they recovered from that adventure. When Optimus returned from Cybertron's core with the Matrix of Leadership, he began Project Generation One, a plan to leave Cybertron as it purged itself of Megatron's poison. Though he understood why Optimus was doing it, it still felt to Sideswipe like they were quitting the war. He continued to accompany Optimus in sabotaging Trypticon and was appointed the Ark's pilot, ensuring it journeyed through the last space bridge, to a spiral galaxy—where the AllSpark was detected nearby. 

Transformers: Exiles

Sideswipe was the Ark's pilot when it left Cybertron. After they arrived at Velocitron, he was assigned to Prowl's landing team, and carried out an inspection of the Ark with Ironhide before they went down to the planet, landing just as the Speedia was about to start. Following the subsequent sabotage and crash of the Ark, Sideswipe oversaw attempts to repair the ship. They next headed to Junkion, where Sideswipe found the native Junkion were difficult to work with during the ongoing repairs, and reported that the ship's fuel reservoir was damaged beyond repair. As it became increasingly clear that things on Junkion weren't all that they seemed, Sideswipe and Silverbolt got a wrecked ship working for Optimus, who intended to traverse a nearby space bridge. Sideswipe himself was subsequently part of the ship's crew as it passed through the space bridge, and took them to the tomb of Solus Prime. After Junkion broke apart, Optimus had Sideswipe fly the Ark to the largest piece in order to act as bait for Megatron. Following the battle, Sideswipe again piloted the ship in search of the AllSpark.

Transformers: Retribution

Sideswipe continued to pilot the Ark when the Autobots made contact with the planet Aquatron. Sideswipe and Perceptor frequently got on each other's nerves, as remnants of Cybertron's old caste system still lingered in the Autobots' ranks. As pilot, Sideswipe remained on board the Ark as Optimus Prime led most of his senior staff down to the planet as part of a delegation meeting with Aquatron's Curator. During the excursion, however, the Nemesis caught up with the Ark, prompting some daredevil flying on Sideswipe's part. He orchestrated a semi-successful counter-strike with the Aerialbots, but their dogfighting ended when the Aquatronians revealed themselves to be vassals of the Quintessons. Concealed weaponry in the planet's artificial rings rendered both the Ark and the Nemesis inert.

With Optimus and the senior officers imprisoned on the planet below, Sideswipe assumed command and coordinated the repair efforts on the ship as well as discussions of a rescue mission. Eventually, Sideswipe feigned the Ark's departure from the planet, only to target and disable the ring weapon as he passed it, then make a sharp turn and head straight back down to the Quintesson city, Hydratron, to rescue his friends. Luckily, the Decepticons had their own mission going on the Nemesis. The Decepticon ship took the brunt of the anti-aircraft fire and crashed before the Ark got within range. Sideswipe had Sunstreaker and a strike team deplane to join forces with the Autobots and Decepticons on the ground as they escaped their cells.

The Autobot/Decepticon alliance became a burden (literally) when Sideswipe tried to fly the Ark out of the flak fire and the grounded Nemesis used clamps to force the Autobot vessel to lift them up as well. It was ultimately Superion who provided enough boost to get both ships back into orbit. When the Quintessons were defeated, Sideswipe and the Ark picked up Optimus Prime and the Autobot mission to find the Allspark continued through space.

Transformers: War for Cybertron

As part of Optimus's plan to rescue Zeta Prime, Sideswipe was imprisoned in Kaon with the other Autobots. Soundwave sent the prisoners for "recycling", but Air Raid rescued them just in time. Optimus, Sideswipe, and Bumblebee then fought their way in and out of the prison in order to save Zeta, to Sideswipe's enjoyment. Despite being teleported into prison again, courtesy of Megatron, Optimus used his energon axe to get them out, leaving Sideswipe impressed. The squad of Autobots freed the captured Air Raid and all the other prisoners, and then, after blasting through more Decepticons and barely making it over a floor under assault, intended to free Zeta Prime as well... but found him being guarded and tortured by Soundwave and his minions. After defeating them, Sideswipe accompanied Optimus and Bumblebee as they brought the deceased Zeta to the High Council, and witnessed Optimus's promotion to Autobot leader.

Transformers: War for Cybertron (DS)

Sideswipe is an unlockable character  and can replace any of the other characters on the Autobot team. Sideswipe can be unlocked by obtaining a data disk in "Rescuing Zeta Prime".

Transformers: Cybertron Adventures

After Trypticon attacked Iacon from orbit, Sideswipe was one of the first Autobots able to run recon on the damage and look for survivors. While traveling through the debris he was contacted by Ratchet, who was nearby and in need of help. Sideswipe quickly changed course to chase after the medic, finally finding him damaged from a brief confrontation with Megatron. Later, as Barricade infiltrated Iacon, Sideswipe gave the Decepticon a brief chance to surrender before opening fire. Sideswipe was badly damaged before Barricade fled the scene.

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

Sideswipe was on the evaluation team for the Autobots' massive starship Ark. When Grimlock went missing during the final preparations for the ship's launch, Sideswipe was repairing Autobot dropships at Autobot headquarters. After reporting to Optimus Prime that he would be able to get the dropship he was working on up and running, Prime sent him to pilot a dropship carrying Cliffjumper and Jazz to the Sea of Rust to go look for Grimlock. He dropped the pair off over some ruins. When they later blew the place up, he was on hand to pick them up in the drop ship. 

Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark

Sideswipe was tasked, alongside Ironhide, with retrieving the Dark Spark before the Decepticons. He and Ironhide followed Shockwave, Soundwave, and Starscream to the Dark Spark's chamber, and, once the Decepticons had unlocked the chamber the Dark Spark was being held in, stole it and locked the Decepticons in the chamber.

Sideswipe and Ironhide then began to make their way to the city's old subway system, where they would meet up with Optimus Prime. Along the way, they were set upon by Insecticons, and eventually separated, before finally meeting Optimus and Bumblebee in the subway. As the others held off the Insecticons, Sideswipe activated the subway system and hailed a train to take them back to Iacon. However, it was revealed that the trains were on a timer, when the train departed after only Bumblebee had boards. As they waited for the next train to arrive, the Autobots were forced to hold off the Insecticons and Starscream (though luckily for them he was also attacked by the Insecticons).

Sideswipe and his comrades successfully boarded the second train once it arrived, and were nearly home free, but unbeknownst to them, Shockwave had rigged the second train and as they were departing, it exploded. 


  • Sideswipe's model is usable in War for Cybertron multiplayer as the Speedster-type chassis for Scout-class characters. His parts are also available in Fall of Cybertron, now classified as Rogue-type components for the Infiltrator class (although his wheels can also be used by Destroyers).
  • This Sideswipe is very different from the one in Transformers: Robots in Disguise. This one is somewhat rebellious, however the one in RID acts completely like a teenager. It is very well possible that Sideswipe was one of the many Autobots who were locked in stasis cells on Cybertron (as seen back in Fall of Cybertron) which would explain well about the rookie act since so much has happened while he had been asleep. However, he was never identified as being sent in stasis and it is stated he is the pilot of the Ark, discrediting the stasis statement and further confusing his backstory. 
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