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The name or term Sideswipe refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Sideswipe (disambiguation).

Sideswipe is a former Autobot in the "Shattered Glass" universe.

In the mirrorverse, Sideswipe is a good guy! What a twist.

Sideswipe was once an evil Autobot, and one of the most sinister of Optimus Prime's elite Seeker trio. This began to change when Prime killed the Seekers' leader, Drench. Though Sideswipe and Drench had their differences, he thought the assassination was a step too far, though Sideswipe kept quiet about his feelings. Things came to a head, however, when Prime suspected Sideswipe of increasingly conflicted loyalties, and conspired to have him ambushed and killed. As a result, Sideswipe joined the heroic Decepticons. He now fights against Prime and all his evil Autobots, though for different reasons than his new comrades.

He is partnered with Whisper.

"There is only one rule now; revenge!"
―Sideswipe's bio card motto


Shattered Glass

Shattered Glass

I want to tell you about the Transformers!

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I used to be a more interesting character!

  • Sideswipe & Blurr (BotCon box set, 2008)
    • Accessories: Two missile/tonfas, Mini-Con Whisper
Part of BotCon 2008's exclusive souvenir set of four figures, Sideswipe is a redeco of Armada Wheeljack. Sideswipe transforms into a gullwing-doored supercar of vague origin. He is cast in dark charcoal plastic in vehicle mode, with white and green for robot parts. His most distinctive feature is the large, scarred Autobot symbol on the center of his chest. When his Mini-Con Whisper is attached to his active rooftop Powerlinx port, both doors either side of the vehicle mode open up like wings, which also give access to the triggers for his door-mounted missile launchers. In robot mode, these missiles can be held in his hands as melee weapons. Unusually, his right wrist features a swivel joint while his left wrist is immobile.


  • Sideswipe's color scheme is similar to Universe Drench because-->Sideswipe is the club's take on the unreleased Drench redeco for Universe Battle in a Box assortment that would have been released with Smokescreen.
  • What happened to Sideswipe in the past , bears slight resemblance to Armada Wheeljack. However, Hot Shot didn't leave Wheeljack by malice.

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