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Side Swipe is a blue Autobot. He's willing and eager, and also kinda dumb. He doesn't think before he leaps, gets really emotionally attached to commanders right away, and basically just messes things up. Optimus thinks that somewhere in there is the makings of a fine future soldier. Where?!

His Mini-Con partner is Nightbeat, who actually encourages this behavior.

Japanese name: Stepper


Animated continuity

Voice actor: Sam Vincent (US), Nobuyuki Kobushi (Japan)
Sideswipe Nightbeat

My butt is on fire!

Having once been saved from a hanging rope trap by Blurr's marksmanship on Cybertron, he immediately traveled to Earth to join him upon finding out where he had gone. Blurr managed to pawn him off on Hot Shot, and the two went out for a little training.

Unfortunately, at the same time, Hot Shot's former protege Wheeljack arrived on Earth, intent on doing horrible things to Hot Shot. Side Swipe crossed paths with Wheeljack, immediately leapt to his new awesome commander's defense, and failed. He later tried this again, only this time Wheeljack captured him and chained him up somewhere in an abandoned oil refinery. The battle between Hot Shot and Wheeljack set the place ablaze, re-setting the scene where Wheeljack though Hot Shot left him to die back on Cybertron centuries ago. Side Swipe blubbered a lot, thinking he was gonna die, but Hot Shot saved him. Back at the base, Side Swipe tried to give his commander a great big hug for saving his life. Past, Part 1 Past, Part 2

Despite his childish nature, Side Swipe is apparently a capable codebreaker and does manage to make himself useful on a few occasions by deciphering Decepticon data.

Dreamwave Comics continuity

He is part of Jetfire's Autobot team on Cybertron, along with Blurr, Rhinox and Overload.



  • Side Swipe (also parsed Sideswipe) (Super-Con, 2003)
Japanese ID number: MC-10
Armada Side Swipe toy

I come back every year with a different name and a different shade of blue. The fandom hates me and I hate 'em right back!

Side Swipe transforms into a blue Nissan Skyline sedan. He is packaged with Mini-Con Nightbeat, who can store in a flip-out section of the back end of Side Swipe's vehicle mode. Pressing down on the sigil plate in vehicle mode swings his car hood halves forward in a spring-loaded attack (or "dragster mode"). These hood parts end up on his arms in robot mode, giving him a spring-loaded attack in that mode. Attaching Nightbeat (or any other Mini-Con mold) to the Powerlinx plug on his back activates a "punching" action gimmick in his left arm.
Early releases of Side Swipe parsed his name as "Sideswipe" on the packaging and instructions; this was changed to Side Swipe on successive versions.
A slightly retooled version of this mold was used to make Oil Slick and Universe Treadshot, and a more heavily retooled version was used for Cybertron Runamuck.

3D Battle-Card Game

  • Side Swipe (2007)
A 24-point "common" character in the 3D Battle-Card Game's "Energon Wars" expansion, Side Swipe "transforms" into a blue sports car of indeterminate make. He uses the same parts layout as "Classic" Bumblebee and Blackjack.


  • Aaron Archer, posting as Orson, once gave signs that "Nightbeat" was actually meant to be Side Swipe's name and somehow had gotten swapped to his mini-con. He mentioned trying to get this corrected but it never surfaced.
  • Even though the toy's name was originally spelled "Sideswipe" on the packaging and in the instructions, Hasbro had been parsing the name as "Side Swipe" on toys from previous lines after they had successfully reclaimed it from another company that had been holding the name in the "toys" field during the 1990s. A packaging variant for the toy released as part of the "Unicron Battles" refresh of the Armada line later saw the name changed to "Side Swipe".
  • Prerelease copies of Side Swipe had a lightning deco on the sides of the vehicle mode which was not included on the final version sold in stores.

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