The name or term Sideswipe refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Sideswipe (disambiguation).

Side Swipe is an Autobot from the Robots in Disguise continuity.

Side Swipe may or may not be a reserve member of the Spy Changers team. He wears goggles.


Robots in Disguise

  • Side Swipe & Prowl 2 (Basic 2-pack, 2001)
RID Sideswipe Toy
Originally an unreleased Generation 2 Go-Bots mold, Side Swipe transforms into a modified Chevrolet Camaro with exposed engine block. He has through-axle construction to allow for super-fast rolling in car mode. Like his fellow "new"-mold teammates, his rifle stores under his car mode. He was available in a two-pack with Prowl 2.
This mold was used to make Universe Silverstreak.
  • Side Swipe (Tiny Tins, 2001)
Side Swipe was one of several Robots in Disguise toys to be released as an individual in a Tiny Tins release, with a pocket-sized carrying case. The actual toy is unchanged from the two-pack version.

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