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Shuttle Base is a battle station from the Victory portion of the Generation One continuity family.

The Shuttle Base is the Earth-based headquarters of Star Saber's team of Autobots. A towering structure, it moves across the landscape on massive caterpillar treads as its crew scans the planet for Decepticon activity. Among its many levels are personal quarters, a laboratory, an infirmary, an armory and more, while the exterior of the base is a rocket launch pad from which the Galaxy Shuttle is deployed.

Any relationship between the Shuttle Base and the visually identical Rocket Base is unclear at best. While the Rocket Base is capable of transforming into a battle station, the Shuttle Base never indicates that it is capable of doing so.


Victory animated series

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The design of the Shuttle Base is lifted directly from the large battle station packaged with the Micromaster Countdown, sold by Hasbro in 1989, when Victory was airing in Japan. However, when this toy was released by Takara the following year in 1990, it was sold as the Rocket Base, alongside Countdown's Japanese counterpart, Moonradar. As it is unclear if the Shuttle Base and the Rocket Base are the same structure, it's unclear whether or not there's actually a toy of the Shuttle Base. Hrmn.

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