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Shuffle is a two or four player card game produced by Cartamundi. A card set based on Transformers: Prime was released on August 2, 2014, some time after the cartoon finished airing. The game's release was accompanied by a mobile app for Android and iOS which guides play, tracks the results, and takes the place of the "Mission Control" cards.


Eight location cards are placed in the center, representing the territories to be conquered. Each card has colored bars indicating the skills needed to conquer that area - purple for close-quarter fighting, green for toxic hazard protection, yellow for difficult terrain skills, and blue for open battlefield skills. Each character card has bars corresponding to these skills and two power ratings — if the card's skills match those for the territory, the larger power rating is used, otherwise the smaller is used.

Half the players have Autobot cards, and half have Decepticon cards. Each player shuffles their cards and discards the top three. The remaining cards are split into an active hand of five cards, and five reserves. The first player picks a territory and the top "Mission Control" card is revealed to set the rule for the battle. Each player selects one or two cards to play and the player who gets the highest combined power rating conquers that territory. The played cards are discarded, and the players replenish their hands to five cards using their reserves. The first side to conquer four territories wins.

Character cards




Images of locations from the cartoon are used to represent territories.

  • Nemesis Bridge
  • Autobot HQ
  • Steep Mountains
  • Valley River
  • Gobi Desert
  • Desert Canyon
  • Mountain Peak
  • Cybertron Wartorn
  • Autobot HQ Exterior
  • Glacier
  • Arctic
  • Rock Caves
  • Canyon
  • Desert
  • Cybertron Sea of Rust
  • Forest
  • Torched Forest
  • Nemesis Omega Lock
  • Ruined Oil Field
  • Military Base
  • Bridge
  • Docks
  • Sinkhole
  • Highway
  • Motorway Intersection
  • Energon Mine
  • Desert Mesa
  • Sea of Rust
  • Omega Lock
  • Destroyed Military Base
  • Oil Field
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