Showdown! The Fortress vs the Victory Unification is the thirty-second and last episode of Transformers Victory. It first aired in Japan on December 12, 1989 on Nippon TV.



Star Saber and Deathsaurus engage in their greatest battle yet, and everything rests on Jean's shoulders as Earth hovers on the brink of destruction!


"Right, Goryu... Are you sure these are the right cheats to 'Kingdom of Hearts 2'?"

With Deathsaurus's Planet-Destroying Fortress active and raining meteors down upon the Earth and Star Saber missing in action, the Multiforce and Rescue Team are left to protect the planet on their own. The Multiforce merge into Landcross to stop a meteor from crashing on top of the Shuttle Base, but are caught in the explosion and badly injured themselves. As the Rescue Team hurry to and fro tending to the wounded, the injured Goryu comes to in the medical bay and requests an audience with any Autobot. Jean comes to his side, and Goryu gives him the plans to the power source of Deathsaurus's fortress as a means of paying back the Decepticon leader for abandoning them. With all the other Autobots occupied, Jean realizes that he is the only one who can perform this task, but as he boards the Galaxy Shuttle with the Illumina II, Holi spots him and follows him aboard. Jean explains his plan to Holi, and the pair resolve to see it through to the end.

Star Saber: "Hmmm... right... this may take me a little while..."

Out in space, Deathsaurus's fortress looms ever nearer to the Earth, and at the villain's instruction, Liokaiser initiates its transformation into its even-more-powerful Destroyer Mode. As the fortress shifts and changes, the inert form of Victory Saber, lying atop its hull where he crash-landed, is jarred back into the waking world. Realization dawns upon the horrified Victory Saber that Deathsaurus plans to eliminate the Earth with one shot of the fortress's main cannon, and he flies into action once more, attempting to destroy the cannon. Although his blasts have no effect, Deathsaurus dispatches Liokaiser to occupy Victory Saber as the minutes tick by until the cannon fully charges. Jean and Holi arrive just as the two combatants clash, and Star Saber disconnects from Victory Leo, leaving him to fight Liokaiser while Star Saber covers his son's entrance into the fortress. Victory Leo and Liokaiser's battle is a brutal one, but in the end, the Autobot succeeds in blasting the combiner into the fortress's cannon barrel, which, still charging, drains his energy dry. With his consciousness fading and his body unable to move, Liokaiser can only utter a fading scream for help as he drifts off into the depths of space.


Meanwhile, Jean successfully pilots the Illumina II into the heart of the fortress, where he wires his vessel to explode and take out the power core. Ejecting from the mech, Jean beats a retreat in his spacesuit, and the Illumina II goes up in flames just seconds before Deathsaurus fires his cannon. As the power core is torn to pieces, the fortress's weapons deactivate, and Star Saber swoops into the fortress to find Jean. Before he can locate his son, however, he is confronted by the enraged Deathsaurus himself, and the two leaders engage in a ferocious final battle that stretches across the fortress. Every weapon in the two warriors' arsenals is unleashed until Star Saber blasts out one of Deathsaurus's eyes with his head-cannons, then takes advantage of the villain's hampered sight to stab him through the chest and break his sword off in the wound. Deathsaurus rips out the blade but collapses, gushing oil.

This is an ex-Deathsaurus!

Victory Leo and Holi venture inside the fortress to search for Jean and come across the boy just as he wakes up from a nightmare vision of Illumina dying in the fortress's attack on Earth. Holi takes Jean to safety outside as Victory Leo heads off to look for Star Saber, but just as the young pair exit the fortress, a huge door slams shut behind them. The same occurs all throughout the fortress, trapping Star Saber in the control room, where Deathsaurus communicates with him through a holographic projection. Refusing to lose, Deathsaurus has set the fortress on a collision course with Earth, intending to destroy the planet and Star Saber with it! Deathsaurus, however, will not accept defeat, and blows himself out of an airlock...but as his shattered body floats off through space, the light dims from his eyes, and no signs of life remain in the body of the once-great Emperor of Destruction.

"Phew! I've heard of 'Hot Under the Collar', but this is ridiculous!"

In the control room, Star Saber desperately opens fire on the door, but cannot break through. Victory Leo and Jean contact him over his communicator, and Victory Leo is able to home in on his position and break into the room through the glass viewscreen. Now knowing that Jean is safely out of the fortress, Star Saber resolves to destroy it even at the cost of his own life, and Victory Leo agrees. The pair merge into jet-mode Victory Saber, and with their enhanced power, smash through the walls of the fortress, unleashing an unbelievable stream of missiles, bombs, cannons, lasers, machine guns and more, tearing the deadly craft apart from within. Bursting through the hull and out into space, the duo disconnect and recombine as robot-mode Victory Saber, concentrating all their energy for one final charge at the fortress's main cannon. Blazing with flaming energy, Victory Saber crashes into the fortress's cannon and releases all his power, vanishing in a burst of light as he finally destroys the fortress in a silent cosmic firestorm.

"HEY! Can you give us a lift to the nearest phone box?!

Down on the surface of the Earth, the flare of light from the fortress's destruction catches the attention of Illumina, who stands amongst a group of injured refugees. As they all watch the sky, Galaxy Shuttle descends, and a short time later, Illumina and Jean have a happy reunion. As she praises him for his heroic deed, Jean tells her that he did it to save her. Holi chimes in that really, it was to save the Earth, but as the Shuttle Base comes rolling over the horizon, the disembodied voice of Star Saber wistfully declares that striving to save the ones you love is the emotion that will truly save the world.

Time passes...

"Whoah, I don't know how we got out of that one!"

With the Earth saved, Jean reports on the fates of all their allies. The Brainmasters are appointed commanders of the Sector One defense force. The Multiforce are assigned to the Vega Sector and collectively promoted to governor. The Rescue Team have returned to planet Micro. Greatshot returned to being a mercenary and has not been seen since the Silvart War, but Jean is sure he's okay. Goryu has become a construction foreman on Earth, with most of the Dinoforce working with him—except for Kakuryu, who has started working at an amusement park and is very popular with the children there. Jean himself is in the next grade at school and is still in the same class as Illumina.

But...what of Star Saber...?

Why, he's more active than ever as Supreme Commander of the Autobots!



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"Your ambitions end here!"
"My "ambition" is to possess your head!"

Star Saber and Deathsaurus get about as worked up as anyone ever does in Victory.


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  • When Deathsaurus engages Star Saber within the fortress, he accuses Star Saber of "entering my castle with your shoes on," referring, of course, to the Japanese custom of taking one's shoes off upon entering someone's home.

Miscellaneous trivia

  • Although this episode is the final installment of the ongoing Victory storyline, it is not the final episode of the series. One further clip show was aired the following week as the final broadcast episode of the series, and a further six were released directly to video.
  • For the first time since the first installment of the series, this episode does not feature a preview of its content before the title card, instead including the first half-minute of the story.
  • The Metrodome DVD release of this episode features an audio commentary by Chris McFeely.


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