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Shou (ショウ Shō) assists the Autobot Swordbot Hishoumaru in his quest to vanquish the Predacons threatening Japan.



  • Shou (Promotional Arms Micron, 11-16-2013)
A redeco of Magi, Shou transforms from a robotic praying mantis into a dual-bladed weapon. As part of the Arms Micron gimmick, Shou features numerous 5mm peg-holes and pegs, allowing him to combine with other Microns to form bigger and more ridiculous "Combo Weapons" and "Super Combo Weapons". Shou comes out of the package as a bunch of unpainted parts on runners, like a model kit. Unlike the Arms Microns from the Japanese Prime toyline, he has a tampographed Autobot symbol on his Energon crystal, rather than a sticker beneath it.
Shou was only available with the purchase of more than 3000 yen worth of Transformers: Go! toys at most Edion, Yamada Denki, and Yodobashi Camera stores starting on November 16th.
This mold was also redecoed to create BotCon 2015 Scalpel.


  • While it's not made explicit that Shou is designed to go with Hishoumaru, we can infer that fact from his color (orange, like Hishoumaru), name ("Shou", from "Hishoumaru"), and the fact that other Autobot Arms Microns from Transformers: Prime had names based off their primary users.

Shou Combinations

Named combination weapons including Shou:

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