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Shotholes are Decepticon Insecticons from the Generation One continuity family.

"What's the matter, you bums forgotten how to kill people?"

Shotholes (ショットホール) are clones of the Insecticon Kickback. Largely physically identical to their template, their extremely low intelligence makes them suitable for little more than swarming. As such, their primary role is to consume raw materials for conversion into energon cubes elsewhere. Though they're fairly sturdy, should Kickback's control-beams be interrupted, they, as all other Insecticlones, will instantly crumble into a pile of component parts.


Technically, the Shotholes have never appeared in any fiction, as this specific coloration has never been used. However, the Shothole designation can be considered retroactive, so any appearance of the Kickback-model Insecticlones can be considered a Shothole appearance.


Generation One

  • Insectron Clone Army (multi-pack, 2004)
    • Japanese ID number: 73 (individual), 76 (clones set)
    • Accessories: "Electrothermal Radiation Tube" (電熱放射チューブ) rifle, energon cube
A redeco of the Insecticon Kickback mold, Shothole transforms into a mechanical grasshopper. The "control seat" in the insect-mode back / robot-mode chest can open up and store one of the three energon cubes that come with the set. Shothole was only available in the e-Hobby exclusive set with Salvo and Zaptrap.


  • The term "shot hole" actually is a real and relevant term; it's the small holes left in plant matter by insects. It's also used to refer to holes created to house explosives to be detonated. Doesn't make it any less unfortunate-sounding, admittedly.
  • Shothole's coloration is based on the mold's original pre-Transformers Diaclone "Waruder Battas" release.

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