Shortround is a Decepticon from the Cybertron portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

"Shortround step on it!

Shortround's fellow soldiers see him as a nuisance, especially fellow naval unit Thunderblast, the object of his fumbling affections. Nerdy and destructive, Shortround erupts into panic at the sight of Autobots which often results into chaotic displays of superheated plasma being fired everywhere which, ultimately, allow his companions to escape. Further marginalizing him from his comrades is his geeky obsession - toy collecting. Shortround spends an inordinate amount of time hunting down packaging samples of unreleased transforming robot action figures. Needless to say, neither this nor his annoying social drawbacks help endear him to Thunderblast, and most of his fellow Decepticons choose to stay the slag away so they don't get sucked into Nerdsville.

Still, his incredible speed over the water (up to 350 MPH) makes him well-suited as a supply runner and messenger, keeping him (generally) safe among the Decepticon ranks.



CYB shortround withalt

This mold would be a terrible Seaspray.

  • Shortround (Scout-class, 2006)
    • Accessories: Blaster, Earth Planet Key
Shortround was exclusive to the Hasbro Cybertron line, transforming into a troop-carrying military hovercraft. Inserting a Cyber Planet Key into his key jack swings a pair of (non-firing) torpedo racks up into firing position from his rear turbines. This gimmick is available in both vehicle and robot modes. His extra blaster plugs into a squared peg-hole on the top of his hovercraft mold, and into the sides of his lower clamps in robot mode.
He comes with a silver-bordered Earth-style Cyber Planet Key, with the Key code s639 stamped on the back.
This mold was redecoed to make Storm Surge. It was also used as the model for pre-beast-mode Scorponok in "Theft of the Golden Disc".


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