This article is about the Autobot satellite. For the issue of the Marvel comic starring Joey Slick, see Shooting Star!.

Shooting Star is an Autobot from the Generation One continuity family.

He's looking for a bald Persis Khambatta.

Shooting Star can't stand the intense feeling of helplessness that often assails him as he watches the Autobot-Decepticon War unfold far below his station in Earth orbit. Sometimes the sights he sees bother him so greatly he will actually abandon his watch, shifting orbit and fleeing from the events occurring below. Still Shooting Star does not hesitate to leap into action if he sees a way he can at last be of aid his fellow Autobots below, and his unique perspective allows him to provide priceless information on Decepticon activities to his allies.


Big Looker Storybook

Shooting Star observed Decepticon movements from orbit, and reported to any Autobots who could receive him that Blitzwing was approaching a stranded oil tanker truck while the other Decepticon jets flew over the Autobot camp as a distraction. This single fuel truck was apparently a hugely important military target for the Decepticons. Decepticon Hijack


  • Shooting Star's satellite mode is clearly based from the sensor drone from the first issue of the Marvel comic. No robot mode is shown. There is some speculation that "Shooting Star" may have been an early name for the toy that became Cosmos, as there is some similarity in role/character, and a couple of other Season 2 characters appear in the book in an "unfinished" form.

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