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The name or term Shockwave refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Shockwave (disambiguation).

Shockwave is a Decepticon from Prime continuity family.

Strength: 16/20 Speed: 8/20 Intelligence: 19/20 Endurance: 16/20 Skill: 9/20 Fireblast: 20/20 Rank: 16/20 Courage: 13/20 Total: 117/160

Shockwave is a brilliant Decepticon scientist. He takes damaged Decepticons and turns them into super-soldiers. He transforms into a sleek Cybertronian Jet to travel around to multiple areas to blast the Autobots. Although he is loyal to Megatron and serves as his second in command, Shockwave's only true master is logic.

"Fear not Megatron. Cybertron will remain as you leave it."
―Shockwave to Megatron.
"Clarity of thought before rashness of action."
―Shockwave on himself.


Exodus novel[]

He was a cool purple guy who is a part of Megatronus's inner circle in the underground gladiator circuit, serving as a medic and provider of new opponents. After Megatronus beat his experimental combiners in battle, Shockwave tended to his leader, who asked to be called Megatron not dramatic at all. Once the war began, Shockwave became responsible for the creation of several combiners such as Devastator, and Bruticus Maximus. When the Decepticons planned to pursue the Autobots and find the All Spark, Megatron left Shockwave in charge of the forces on the planet, ordering him to finish off the remaining Autobots and start rebuilding Cybertron. Exodus

Exiles novel[]

Shockwave's forces fought against the Wreckers. He warned Alpha Trion of the dangerous actions that he was taking, and to not continue and surrender. Exiles

Prime cartoon[]

Voice actor: David Sobolov (English)

Shockwave created the Cortical Psychic Patch.


Shockwave on Cybertron

After Cybertron went dark, Shockwave remained on Cybertron to collect the parts and schematics in order to build a space bridge under Kaon. During the final stages of this plan, Starscream came to his office with Autobot prisoners Arcee and Cliffjumper. Shockwave then used a cortical psychic patch to extract the encryption codes for Autobot distress call from Arcee. The codes allowed Shockwave to translate the distress call from Optimus Prime on Earth calling to any Autobots to join him.

After this, Shockwave tried to kill Cliffjumper but at the gloating of the Autobot to Starscream, the air commander himself chose to kill the Autobot. Shockwave then left after claiming that Starscream's decision was highly illogical. This gave Cliff and Arcee the chance to outwit Starscream and escape.

Shockwave left for his space bridge and activated it with the coordinates set the ones specified in the distress call. He then caught Cliffjumper trying to pass himself off as a Decepticon while Arcee attempted to sabotage the space bridge. Shockwave then engaged Cliffjumper in battle. During the fight, Arcee caused a pile of debris to fall on Shockwave, damaging the space bridge in the process. With the space bridge going critical and close to collapse and Decepticons blocking the only exit, the two Autobots chose to go through the vortex to escape but Shockwave, recovered from being buried in the debris, followed them. Arcee was able to blind him. Though Cliff and Arcee were able to get through the bridge before it blew, Shockwave was caught inside. Out of the Past

Later, he is found on Cybertron by Knockout and space bridged back. Darkmount, NV‎


War for Cybertron[]


Apparently, one gun arm was not enough for ol' Shockwave

Shockwave is put in charge by Megatron, who leaves shortly after his arrival. This has apparently been going on a number of times as Starscream sighs and states "Again?" Shockwave immediately commands Soundwave to transform into his radio mode, which Soundwave does before Shockwave even finishes his sentence, knowing right away what Shockwave wants. He then plays "The Touch" while Shockwave shoots the Autobots. When Starscream inquires "Why this song?", Shockwave replies "When your hit percentage exceeds mine, you may choose the soundtrack," prompting Starscream to 'facepalm'.

ds version[]

voice actor: steve blum

shockwave fires big black missiles. he is a playable character. he can be recruited in the final level of the arena.

Rise of the Dark Spark[]

Voice actor: Steve Blum (English)

Shockwave was tasked alongside Soundwave and Starscream to locate and bring the Dark Spark to Megatron. As the trio searched for the Dark Spark, Shockwave split up from his allies and located and is attacked the Insecticons: Hardshell, Kickback and Sharpshot. After defeating them in a brief fight, Shockwave allows the trio a chance to live by joining the Decepticons. They accept the offer and the four of them return to Starscream, Soundwave, and Laserbeak. After the team locate the Dark Spark, they are interrupted by Sideswipe and Ironhide who take the Dark Spark and retreat. After chasing the duo who regrouped with Optimus and Bumblebee, Shockwave blew up the train they were riding. Shockwave attempted to engage Optimus in a fight, but was stopped by Sharpshot, who informed Shockwave that Optimus did not have the Dark Spark with him and that Ironhide had it. After Shockwave and Sharpshot beat Ironhide and take the Dark Spark, they are attacked by Autobot forces. Luckily they regrouped with Vortex and Swindle, and Swindle was tasked by Onslaught to escort the duo to the rest of the Combaticons. After fighting waves of Autobot forces, Shockwave and Swindle manage to regroup with the Combaticons who form into Bruticus. After the battle, Shockwave manages to give Megatron the Dark Spark and was present when Optimus attempted to retrieve the DarK Spark from Megatron. Shockwave and Megatron used the power of the Dark Spark to reanimate several dead Autobot soldiers to attack Optimus, while Megatron engaged Prime in a duel. However Megatron lost the duel and attacked Prime with the Dark Spark to which Optimus attacked Megatron with the Matrix severely damaging Megatron and himself. Shockwave quickly rushes to Megatrons side and brings Megatron to safety as Optimus awakens.

Fall of Cybertron[]

Voice actor: Steve Blum (English)

Shockwave with his new "pet"

Shockwave had been very busy in the time after Trypticon's defeat. He located an ancient tomb in the Rust Sea and subsequently set up his lab there. The tomb contained a map room that held the coordinates to a primitive, carbon life infested planet as well as a prototype for a Space Bridge. Finally, the presence of a nearby lake of raw Energon provided all the Energon needed for Shockwave to power his experiments.

Shockwave used the DNA of the lifeforms on the planet as inspiration for many of his experiments. The results of his experiments can be seen in the Insecticons and the Dinobots. He also began reverse-engineering the prototype space bridge left by the ancients into a more modern version.

Somehow Grimlock and his team got word of Shockwave's lab and subsequently ventured into the Rust Sea to find it. Unfortunately, they were attacked en-route by Shockwave's Insecticons. All but Sludge, who was killed in the tunnel, were captured and became Shockwave's new test subjects.

Later, Jazz and Cliffjumper came looking for Grimlock and both stumbled upon Shockwave's lab. They discovered Shockwave having an altercation with Starscream, after which Cliffjumper tried, and failed, to sneak attack Shockwave. Shockwave then made his escape while he left his Insecticons to deal with the two Autobots.

After Soundwave rebuilt Megatron, Shockwave and the rest of those still loyal to Megatron traveled to the Kaon Grand Arena in order to welcome the return of their leader.

Eventually, Grimlock used Starscream (literally) to break free of his restraints and went on a rampage through Shockwave's lab in order to rescue his team. Along the way Shockwave sent his Insecticon lieutenants, the three strongest Insecticons, after Grimlock. Shockwave treated Grimlock's escape as just another one of his experiments, even so far as helping Grimlock re-learn how to transform. Grimlock was eventually able to make it to the top of Shockwave's complex, the location of his Space Bridge, and confronted Shockwave in person, only to be restrained by Shockwave's machines. Shockwave stated to Grimlock that he would not have built something as strong as he without a means to control. However, he made the mistake of referring to Grimlock as a pet. This enraged Grimlock to the point of transforming and breaking free of his restraints. Grimlock then tore off and ate Shockwave's arm and batted the Decepticon away with his tail, severely damaging the space bridge in the process. Fall of Cybertron



  • Shockwave (Deluxe, 2012)
    • Acessories: Cannon
Shockwave is a deluxe-scaled figure that turns into a Cybertronian Jet. His arm cannon can be placed on either arm.

Prime: Beast Hunters[]

  • Shockwave (Voyager, 2013)



Concept art of Shockwave and his altmode

  • Shockwave was a GameStop pre-order character for the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of War for Cybertron, where he can be played in Escalation mode, and his chassis can be used in multiplayer. He's also one of five pre-order characters available in the first Map and Character Pack DLC for the game alongside Jazz, Demolishor, Scattershot and Onslaught. He can also be unlocked in the DS version.
  • In the Xbox/PS3/PC versions, Shockwave's left arm is his Plasma cannon, but in the DS version, it's his RIGHT arm.
    • He can use said Plasma cannon as a melee weapon.
      • He accomplishes this by thrusting his cannon arm into a target, discharging some sort of electricity bolt.
  • In the pre-order Shockwave commercial, he let Soundwave play "The Touch" while he shoots. So it's probably his favorite song — or there was no other nice music on the radio.
  • Shockwave's melee weapon in War for Cybertron is his cannon.
  • In the Xbox/PS3/PC versions, Shockwave is classified as an Aerial character. But in the DS version, he is a Heavy character.
  • He believes everything can be solved with LOGIC. LOGICALLY, he's right....
  • Shockwave's altmode can best be described as a flying batmobile with wings. His body type is called a Retaliator.
  • His abilities are to hover and to do a shockwave (no surprise there).
  • Like his Generation 1 counterpart from several comic continuities, he is a scientist, plain and simple, with combat capability but his skills in the laboratory are far more useful than on the battlefield. However, his appearance in the Prime cartoon is closer to his live-action film counterpart in the. In this case he is large, brutish, and nearly invulnerable. Despite this, the cartoon Shockwave manages to do what Michael Bay did not and retains his logical nature and scientific aptitude.
  • In Fall of Cybertron, Shockwave is the one who discovers the Universal Map that Cybertron's ancestors left, and, as such, is the first of the current Transformers to discover Earth.
  • He actually has both of his hands, until level 12, Grimlock Smash, where Grimlock, in his T-Rex mode, chews off his arm. Presumably, Shockwave will get his famous gun-arm in the next game.
    • However, he has been seen in one of his own personal logs holding a gun similar to the one he is usually depicted with. It is possible that he simple attaches this gun to his body to replace his lost arm.
    • It is also possible that he simple retracted the gun in the same manner that all the other characters in the game do when not in combat situations.
  • It is interesting to note that Barricade, who was in the first game, does not appear in Fall of Cybertron, whereas Shockwave does. This is a unique thing to note because both characters are voiced by Steve Blum, and because it would have been super distracting (and weird) how two Decepticons sound exactly the same, Barricade was likely cut to make this fact seem less obvious (despite Swindle also pocessing the same voice actor).
  • The Takara version of Shockwave possesses a weapon that is more in line with the appearance of the Scatter Blaster in FOC than the Hasbro version that looks more like the Sling Shock weapon.
  • The reason for Shockwave's exile on Cybertron in the Prime Cartoon is different than his G1 counterpart. Instead of intentionally being left in command of Cybertron, Shockwave was abandoned by Starscream after Shockwave entered a space bridge vortex chasing a pair of Autobots and was not seen to come out,despite his survival.
  • shockwave's transformation sounds similar than ratchet in transformers war for cybertron.
You will be whole again. I promise.
I cannot remain in this unacceptable operational status!

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