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==External links==
==External links==
*[ Shockwave at]
* [ Video interview with Daniel Suarez, featuring Shockwave footage]
* [ Video interview with Daniel Suarez, featuring Shockwave footage]
* [ ''Revenge of the Fallen'' Shockwave at Blogger]
* [ ''Revenge of the Fallen'' Shockwave at Blogger]

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The name or term Shockwave refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Shockwave (disambiguation).

Shockwave is a massive triple-changing cycloptic Decepticon. Apparently, he's been working to oust Megatron since before Starscream got the idea. Starscream decided Shockwave will be lucky to be kept as a pet if he takes over.

Shockwave is described as a hyper lethal Decepticon assassin. He is also a scientist, coming up with twisted and soulless experimental Decepticons. His weapons are as powerful as that of a small army, his fusion cannon is powered by his own personal reactor mounted on his back. The cannon has multiple settings to fire rockets, cluster bombs and plasma bolts. Shockwave has control over the massive, vicious beast known as the Driller and rides it into battle.

"This evil thing's looking at me!"
―Epps does not see eye to eye with Shockwave[[Dark of the Moon| [src]]]


Dark of the Moon film

―The only thing Shockwave says in whole movie.[[Dark of the Moon| [src]]]


Shockwave and his Driller ambush NEST and the Autobots at Chernobyl after a tip-off by a Russian agent. The Driller steals the Ark's fuel cell that was being held there. After the Autobots retrieve the Ark's fuel cell, Shockwave appears and glares at Optimus, says Optimus's name in anger, and sinks back into to Driller, and retreats.

When N.E.S.T. and Autobots break in to Chicago, Shockwave immediately begins hunting the Autobots, separating Optimus from his trailer. The Wreckers attack him with their mounted guns, but it does little more than annoy him. He is briefly seen using a car as a shield to avoid being peppered by the Wrecker's bullets.


Later, he sees Epps and his troops in a building. He immeadiatly calls in The Driller to take down the building. As the Driller is doing this, a desk falls out the building and a Tea cup breaks on Shockwave's head. The Driller nearly succeeds in destroying Hudson tower, but Optimus flies in and takes it out. Prime's jetpack becomes tangled in some wires after Shockwave blasts him in revenge. Shockwave and his forces then temporarily retreat.


After that, Epps and his team run into him while heading toward the control pillar. Shockwave then begins blasting the building they are taking cover in apart with his cannon while other members of NEST parachute in in an attempt to kill Shockwave and his troops. One paratrooper is able to use his chute to cover Shockwave's eye long enough to allow Optimus, now free, to engage him. Optimus slashes Shockwave across his torso with bladed knuckles and proceeds to kill him by ripping his eye out. Optimus then proccedes to use Shockwave's cannon to blast the Control Pillar from the building its on, temporarily deactivating the space bridge. Dark of the Moon


Transformers: The Game (console)

Movie Shockwave
Shockwave movie

Well, there goes his chance for being in the sequel.

Shockwave appears as a boss character in the Autobot campaign. Under the orders of Starscream, he attacked Tranquility, the hometown of Sam Witwicky, but was beaten to death by Optimus Prime.

Shockwave also appears in the Autobots' Cybertron bonus stage. When there are only 3 Decepticons left, Shockwave is one of them. He doesn't transform in this stage (neither can the player character).

Transformers Decepticons (DS)

Shockwave is playable, after a fashion, via scanning the Attack Copter, the Recon Chopper and the Stealth Chopper. Only the Attack Chopper is able to look relatively like Shockwave, with Purple and Black as the colors. However, it's easier to make it look like this guy. The others can be changed to a darkish blue or black, but only minor details can be made purple.

Transformers Autobots (DS)

Shockwave's body type appears as three helicopters: the Attack Copter, the Recon Chopper and the Stealth Chopper. However, the only one of the three able to become purple like Shockwave is the Attack Copter.

Transformers: The Game (PSP)

Shockwave is a playable character in the PSP version of the game. However he only has one alternate mode, which is a rail-cannon tank based on Energon Shockblast. Accompanied by Thundercracker, he tried to find Megatron in the arctic, only to discover that his leader had been moved. However, he also found something worth more than the All Spark; the massive drone army that had followed Megatron to Earth.

To revive the drones, he had to transmit a signal from a high altitude, so he made his way to a missile base, where he used a rocket to transmit it from space. However, Shockwave's control of the giant robot army was shortlived, as the two Autobots Trailbreaker and Hound planted a virus in the signal, shutting the drones down. After Megatron was defeated, Shockwave fought Starscream over leadership of the Decepticons back on Cybertron. He was blasted to bits.

Note: It is unclear of Shockwave actually dies as there is no ending cutscene, but the place he was standing explodes during the "level complete" screen. Also note that Shockwave is one of the hardest bosses in the game, as he has a tendency to mercilessly fire on you without overheating his guns, and has a load of HP.

Dark of the Moon video game

Megatron plans to revive Shockwave, who is being held in Cryo-stasis with his Driller in a chamber of an abandoned Soviet military base that now serves as Megatron's base. Megatron finds it ironic that the Russians froze Shockwave the same way as the Americans froze him.

With navigation from Soundwave, Megatron slays Warpath and finds the Cryo Chamber. He deactivates the cyro process, but Optimus Prime arrives. The two battle, but Megatron deactivates Optimus' overshield and eventually defeats him. Megatron shoves Optimus into the Cryo-Statis chamber, where Prime discovers that Shockwave is thawing out from his icy prison. Ratchet activates the coolant tubes to keep Shockwave frozen, but the two of the Driller's arms activate, and destroy the tubes. Shockwave soon reactivates, and jumps off the platform he was frozen on, and attacks Optimus. However, Optimus forces Shockwave to retreat back onto the platform by damaging his weapon cooling tanks on his back. Before leaping to the platform, Shockwave blasts the ice holding the rest of the Driller frozen, reactivating it as well. Shockwave repeatidly fires at the Autobot, but Optimus manages to defeat the Driller, and Shockwave returns to battle Optimus. Autobot reinforcements arrive, but Shockwave easily kills them. Optimus Prime activates his jetpack and fires a volley of missiles at Shockwave. Shockwave would have been deactivated but, the Driller shields its master from the attack and retreats. The Decepticons regroup in Nambia, where Megatron orders the Decepticon assassin to recover an artifact in an abandoned nuclear factory located in Chernobyl, leading up to the movie.


Dark of the Moon

  • Shockwave (MechTech Voyager, 2011)
Shockwave is released as part of the second wave of MechTech Voyager figures. He turns into a tank/ground assault vehicle, similar in style to that of Megatron's in Revenge of the Fallen. His head is visible at the front of the vehicle.
His battle cannon utilizes MechTech technology to convert to a particle wave blaster. The toy's file says that he prefers stealthy tactics and never leaves a trace.
  • Shockwave with Fusion Tank (Cyberverse, 2011)
This Commander class Shockwave comes with a bigger treaded cannon that can turn into a weapons mount, mobile weapon, and a base.
The Shockwave figure itself, it appears, is a smaller version of the Voyager class mould. The Weapons base is moddled on the Driller, likely to be the only toy representation of the Beast that will ever be released.
In weapons mount mode, Shockwave's weapons can me placed on it.


  • His original appearance is capable of converting from his humanoid mode to either an artillery cannon or an Apache assault helicopter.
  • At some point during Revenge of the Fallen film, Shockwave was caught on film and the event was written up for a newspaper article. A newspaper page with the headline "Mysterious Robot Spotted" was discarded in Egypt, where it was sucked up by a rampaging Devastator.
  • In the Dark of the Moon comic, Shockwave has a far bigger part than in the film. He has a lot more things to say as well, like when Optimus kills driller: "That was a Magnificent creature, Prime. Now join it in extinction!". Optimus later kills him by slicing him right down the middle with his sword.
  • His vehicle mode is never seen in Dark of the Moon, mostly because he uses Driller as transport most of the time.
    • This makes him similar to the Fallen who also does not show his alternate mode through the duration of his movie.
    • This also prevents him from having an alternate mode in the game.
    • A fortunate side effect to this is that he has an unbelievably cool robot mode without having to transform into nothing.
  • Shockwave is featured on Linkin Park's music video for Iridescent, probably because of his former state as the main antagonist for Dark of the Moon.
  • Shockwave is the second cycloptic Decepticon in the live-action films, the other being Ravage.
  • Shockwave's Commander class toy with the weapons mount is strange compared to the other commanders toys line that come with trailers as it does not have a mode that Shockwave can attach to as a backpack.
  • Shockwave has a scar on his left cheek.
  • Contrary to belief, Shockwave does not say only one word in the film. When Shockwave sees Epps and his team on Hudson Tower, if you listen closely, he says "Driller-bot is thirsty...".

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