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Shockwave is a Mini-Con from the Cybertron portion of the Unicron Trilogy.

If "war criminal" were a career, Shockwave would have a very bright future ahead of him. Ally to tyrants, warlords, and genocidal maniacs, he has spent the last decade of his life as a freelance soldier, honing his taste for destruction. To him, a success is finding the most important and densely populated city or fortress that the enemy (or any poor innocents that happen to stand in his way) might control, and reduce it to the deepest, darkest, most burned-out blast crater on the face of that planet, preferably taking as many lives as he can in the process. Naturally, his nigh-insatiable appetite for destruction has earned him the loathing of the Autobots and their allies, most notably on the part of the fiercely protective Tankor



CYB shockwave withalt

Transforms from jet to shrimp fork and back again!

  • Shockwave vs. Tankor (Mini-Con 2-pack, 2006)
A redeco of the Air Military Mini-Con Team member Terradive, Shockwave transforms into an aircraft similar to the Cobra Night Raven S3P recon stealthjet (which is based off the Lockheed SR-71 spyplane). He also has a third "weapon" mode, unfolding into a three-bladed claw. He was sold only in a two-pack with the Autobot-allied Mini-Con Tankor.
This mold is also used by Blitz and Falcia, while a slightly-remolded version is used by Mugen.


  • When the Mini-Con two-packs were premiered at the 2005 San Diego Comic-Con, the Sky Attack Team used the remolded Caliber Mini-Cons versions of the molds with additional 5mm pegs. However, the final retail versions used the original, pegless versions.

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