Shockblast: Rampage is the twenty-first episode of Energon. It first aired in the United States on July 3, 2004 on Cartoon Network.



During a Decepticon attack, the Decepticon criminal Shockblast escapes his prison.


WingDagger and group continue to track down Shockblast, however they do not have clearance to enter restricted area (where Primus resides). Shockblast, hiding nearby was intridged by the restricted area and blasted his way into Primus's chamber, however was attacked by Primus.

WindDagger and Patrol arrived shortly before Optimus Prime and the others, Shockblast was able to use Patro as hostage and escaped, but before he make his escape, he killed the hostage. WingDagger, shocked at the loss of his team, "cried".

Shockblast contacted Megatron and informed him that he has learned that a powerful Energon energy source (Primus) is powering the Energon towers, coordinating an attack both within and without the energon grid, Galvatron drawing the Autobot's attention with his attack, Shockblast attempted to take out the grid.

The Decepticons managed to punched a hole in the grid and the Terrocons poured in. Making the Divebombs as shield, Shockblast proceeds to take out the main energon tower, but as the Autobots begin to take out the Terrocons, Shockblast commanded Tidal Wave and the others to become his shield, but Tidal Wave refused stating he only take command from Meatron. Enraged, Shockblast climbs on Tidal Wave, creating an exchange of fire between the Decepticons.

Optimus Prime, armed with an Energon Star, tackles Shockblast, allowing the nearby Energon tower to hit Shockblast with an Energon blast.

Trapped in Energon, the rest of the Decepticons looked on until Megaatron arrived, commanded them to help Shockblast, Tidal Wave stepped in and freed Shockblast.

Seizing the opportunity, Shockblast managed to get a shot at the tower before he goes into stasis. Seeing one of the main Energon Towers destroyed, Megatron ordered a tactical retreat.

Receiving a transmission from Kicker, Ironhide and Mischa), Optimus Prime and others ride out to meet them, facing Rodimus and Unicron's head, Optimus Prime asked that Kicker be returned, Rodimus plainly refused (saying Kicker should stay with Alpha Q for now, not with a stubborn bulk that can only think of destroying Unicron), the already volatile tension between the 2 Convoys exploded and got into a fist fight.

Kicker intervened and explained that for now they should allow Alpha Q to help and restore Unicron, with Ironhide and Mischa's pleas, Optimus Prime agreed not to destroy Unicron until they have neutralize Megatron's threat. To this, Rodimus agreed it will do for now.

At the end of the episode, Team Convoy finally meets up with Alpha Q, however, inside Unicron, Grand Convoy "heard" a thump coming from somewhere deep within Unicron. This small scene would properly path the foundation for the development in the next episode.)

Back on Decepticons' Unicron, Shockblast complains that some of the Decepticons were useless to him including Tidal Wave.

Tidal Wave looks on, angry but helpless, sensing the anger in him, Megatron urged Tidal Wave to give in to hate and anger, these will make Tidal Wave strong and remain of use to Megatron.


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  • When first broadcast, this episode was titled "Laser Wave: Rampage", using Shockblast's Japanese name. Amazingly, it was fixed when the episode was rebroadcast.

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  • Rad, Carlos and Alexis had to wear helmets while inside Unicron in Armada, but Kicker is able to breathe perfectly well without his helmet.

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