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This article is about the Energon Decepticon. For the Generation 1 Decepticon also called Shockblast, see Shockwave (G1).

The name or term Shockwave refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Shockwave (disambiguation).

Shockblast packs an incredible amount of strength and firepower inside his chassis, and he knows it. He's brash, arrogant, sarcastic, and fearless, even willing to challenge the might of Megatron directly. He's also a sociopath, casually killing solely for the fun of it. He revels in destruction, and he's not particularly bothered which side is doing the exploding.

Shockblast is the older brother of Six Shot. He has an unspecified history with Tidal Wave; the two hate each other.

Japanese name: Laserwave
Hungarian name: Pöröly ("Hammer"), Sokkoló ("Shocker", Ultimate Battles DVD only)
Russian name: Vzrivala (Взрывала, "Blaster")


Energon pack-in mini-comics[]

When Slugslinger and Sharkticon attempted to break into an Autobot island facility, Shockblast scrambled the security system with an electromagnetic pulse from orbit. However, when the plan went wrong, Omega Supreme nailed Shockblast with cannon-fire, despite the Decepticon being in low orbit.

Later, Shockblast was part of the Decepticon party that had cornered Optimus Prime and a wounded Hot Shot. However, Shockblast was blown away by the combined power of Optimus and the newly-arrived Wing Saber.

Animated continuity[]


Voice actor: Brian Drummond (US) Nobutoshi Canna (Japan)
Shockblast tentacles

Tentacles? In a Japanese cartoon? This is not going to end well!

Shockblast was held prisoner deep inside Cybertron, under near-constant supervision due to his status as a dangerous Decepticon war criminal. During a Decepticon uprising, Shockblast escaped and slaughtered most of the Autobot guards (while also inadvertently creating the Autobot hero who would be known as Wing Saber).

Megatron decided to add Shockblast to his team, and dispatched Tidal Wave to Cybertron. Unfortunately, Tidal Wave was fatally injured during Shockblast's riot (he was later reformatted into Mirage).

Shockblast joined the Decepticons and regarded Megatron with a high level of contempt. He made several attempts to overthrow Megatron and assume command of the team, all of which failed.

On the other side of the rift in space, he crash landed alone on Iron Planet. Surrounded by Autobots, he was defeated by Wing Saber and chained up. Protection For a time, Megatron refused to rescue him, but finally freed him, while capturing his guard Inferno at the same time. Improsoned Inferno

Shockblast smoosh

..Told ya.

Shockblast eventually tricked Megatron and attempted to assume control of Unicron in his stead. The full power of Unicron proved too much for him to handle, however; it drove him insane, sending him on a mindless rampage under Unicron's control. He crashed on Blizzard Planet, where Optimus Prime battled him while trying to reach past Unicron to reach the real Shockblast. Prime's words worked, and Shockblast managed to free himself. He turned his firepower on Unicron, but the Chaos Bringer brought one hand down on the surface of Blizzard Planet, and Shockblast was crushed before Prime's horrified eyes. The Power

I want to tell you about the Transformers!

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Note: The Japanese Super Link version of the cartoon states that Shockblast (called Laserwave) was part of Tidal Wave's platoon during the previous battles. After eliminating their Autobot enemies, he grew bored and began to attack and destroy his own Decepticon allies, leading to Tidal Wave's animosity towards him. Shockblast and Six Shot were captured in between Armada and Energon for their continued attempts to keep the war going between the two factions, refusing to accept the newfound period of peace.

Dreamwave comics continuity[]


Shockblast intercepted the Ocean City schematics Slugslinger used to infiltrate the Autobot installation.



  • Shockblast (Mega, 2004)
    • Japanese ID number: SD-14
    • Accessories: Missile
Energon Shockblast toy

I transform into nothing!

Shockblast transforms into a Cybertronic laser-tank, plus has a third satellite-cannon mode. His cannon-arm contains a spring-loaded missile launcher and an electronic sound gimmick (which refuses to shut up most of the time). His design is an homage to the Generation One Decepticon Shockwave.
Many specimens of this toy have the same problem: in satellite mode, a peg on one of his legs will not fit into the corresponding slot to hold the mode together. Also, his torso connects to his legs via a very small hinge, which is quite susceptible to breaking.
The Japanese version of Shockblast, named Laserwave, differs from the Hasbro release, with slightly more detailed paint deco and using a cooler grey plastic colour.
This mold was also used to make Energon Six Shot.


  • Shockblast is just like what Generation One Starscream was — crazy and treacherous. He has desire to overthrow Megatron, but he is not cowardly and idiotic like Starscream.
  • Shockblast probably would've been called Shockwave if weren't for Hasbro having issues with the rights for his name. This is supported by at least two facts: He's called Laserwave in the Japanese version (Laserwave is Shockwave's Japanese name), and in the same year, a second Shockwave homage figure was released into the Alternators series, also officially called Shockblast, but bearing a license plate reading "SHKWAV".
  • In Russian dub he sounds like a typical serial killer. This is kinda awesome.


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