Shinji Aramaki (born October 2, 1960) is a Japanese mecha designer and animation director who designed several Microchange toys that would eventually become Transformers, as well as the pre-Transformer versions of the Deluxe Insecticons.

According to an interview published in the December 2007 issue of Otaku USA magazine, Aramaki designed Soundwave, the first wave of Mini-Cassettes, and Reflector. Aramaki also claims to have not only designed Perceptor, but to have been the first to conceive of a transforming microscope.

It is thus possible (but unconfirmed) that Aramaki also designed Armada Perceptor, as Aaron Archer has stated he named the Mini-Con combiner in honor of the fact the man who designed him had also designed the original Perceptor. It's more likely that Archer was referring to Hideaki Yoke, but, again, there's no confirmation either way.

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