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The mirrorverse is roughly 50% blue cannons by volume.

"Shattered Glass" is the catch-all name for the fictional universe and associated toys begun in conjunction with BotCon 2008. It is a "mirror universe", where the bad guys are good, the good guys are bad, and everyone has different paint schemes. The story is a Transformers take on the old sci-fi warhorse of an evil alternate universe, a concept previously seen in stories such as Star Trek 's Mirror Universe, Superman's Bizarro World and DC comics' Earth-Three.

It comes complete with a time-lost character from "our" world, and facial hair for the evil versions of the good guys.

One might idly suggest that Raksha, perhaps, is in an odd sort of way vindicated in her views by the fact that somewhere, somehow, everything she claims appears to be true.

"This year's chronicle shatters everything you thought you knew about Transformers! Here is a universe you never expected...

On a world known as Cybertron, a ruthless and cruel tyrant prepares his army for an all-out attack. Their destination: a planet rich in resources, known as Earth! Only a small band of rebels stands between this evil warlord and his plans for universal conquest. If these brave soldiers are unable to stop the attack, then there will be nothing to prevent this shattered universe from falling victim to the maniacal Optimus Prime and his evil legion of...Autobots?

This is a truly malformed universe, where the Decepticons are heroic and the Autobots are evil!

Coming this spring, the battle lines will be drawn and a new champion will emerge. A young and noble Decepticon will stand up and fight for freedom, the freedom which is the right of all Transformers! Advising him will be his trusted lieutenant Starscream and his fellow virtuous Decepticons. They will fight to the very last to stop the spread of Optimus Prime's tyranny! "

―Introductory blurb at


Prepare to enter the Twilight Zone.


Fun Publications proved themselves collectively to be evil incarnate in April 2008 when they "leaked" three pages of what was purported to be the set's accompanying comic, but which was, in fact, an April Fool's gag by Pete Sinclair, Greg Sepelak and Trent Troop. Taking the silly concept of an "evil parallel universe" and giving it the respectably campy treatment it deserved (including such gags as an ingenious Grimlock, a Jazz that talked like Mr. T and reverse-Furmanisms), the comic was rendered in the art style of Derek Yaniger and even featured flat, 1992-era coloring to complete the effect. Rather unexpectedly, the fandom responded in a virtually unheard-of manner—the comic was almost unanimously loved.
Then it turned out that the most popular thing Fun Publications had ever done wasn't real.
However, the "reveal" page on the Club website notes that more "campy evil parallel universe" material is highly likely for the future.
A BotCon 2008 exclusive comic story, picking up after the "Crossing Over" storyline.


  • Shattered Glass
A six-figure boxed set which includes bad guys Optimus Prime, Grimlock, Goldbug and Autobot Jazz, and good guys Starscream and Razorclaw.


  • There is also a reference to a Shattered Glass Ravage that was packaged with the Botcon 2010 exclusive Scorch Turbomaster.