Mayhem suppression squad

Look, it's the army of redeco!



Goldbug, Grimlock, and Jazz sneak into a laboratory and discover a kind of new technology. Starscream tries to stop them but ends up by getting beaten by Grimlock. Starscream warns the Autobots to surrender. Both Starscream and Razorclaw are mocked by Grimlock. But Razorclaw uses a device to open the roof and signals the Mayhem Suppression Squad to show up.


  • Story & Script: Trent Troop & Greg Sepelak
  • Art: Greg Sepelak
  • Colors: Trent Troop
  • Lettering: Trent Troop
  • Editor: Pete Sinclair
  • Managing Editor: Your mother
  • Originally published on April 1, 2008

Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Decepticons Autobots Others

Items of note

  • Happy April Fool!

Transformers references

  • The four Pretender shells on the first page are the shells of the Classic Pretenders, while the other two shells on the second page are the unreleased Double Pretenders.

Real-world references

  • TBA

Miscellaneous trivia

  • When it was released online, this comic was supposed to be a three-page preview to Shattered Glass. It was actually an April Fools joke. A really good one. Ironically, the story and characters (Mr. T Jazz, Criminal genius Grimlock etc.) were all extremely popular, helping to lay the ground work for the Shattered Glass universe. Despite this, Shattered Expectations could be a Micro-continuity because some things (like Grimlock's intellect, which was absent from the Shatterverse until Dungeons & Dinobots) are missing from the main storyline.

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