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Sharpshot is by far the most dangerous of the Insecticons. He has the ability to generate and harness electricity and enjoys torturing his victims with bolts of electricity. He, along with Kickback and Hardshell serve as Shockwave's top lieutenants.

Sharpshot, like the rest of the Insecticons, is able to clone himself, as well as ingest and reshape around ninety-five percent of known matter. Though Shockwave is able control the lesser Insecticons with specific ultrasonic sound frequencies, Sharpshot, like his two brothers, is immune to this form of control. He displays a cruel personality that is displayed when he has been seen to enjoy torturing others. Sharpshot's alternate mode is that of a robotic stag beetle.

Russian name (game): Снайпер (Sniper)


IDW comics continuity

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Rise of the Dark Spark video game

Voice actor: Steve Blum (English)

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The Game Full of Death and Suffering...!

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Fall of Cybertron video game

Voice actor: Steve Blum (English)

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Sharpshot serves Shockwave alongside his two Insecticon brothers. Shockwave describes Sharpshot, Kickback, and Hardshell as being far more evolved that the rest of the more bestial Insecticons and so concludes that they are the three original insecticons.

As well as serving as one of Shockwave's enforcers, Sharpshot also serves as an assistant of sorts. He carries out experiments for him and sometimes even powers them using his ability to generate electricity.

When Grimlock is able to escape his confinement, the Insecticons are sent in to recapture him. Previously the former two Insecticons, acting on Shockwave's orders, were only hindering Grimlock's progress and helping him re-learn to transform. However, once Grimlock makes it past both of the Insecticons, Shockwave realizes that he can no longer afford to treat Grimlock's escape like another part of the experiment and sends Sharpshot to guard Snarl after Grimlock manages to liberate Swoop and locate Slug.

When Grimlock arrives to rescue Snarl, Sharpshot positions himself on a perch above a large arena and generates electricity to power several generators that deliver massive doses of electricity to Snarl. Grimlock is forced to fight a horde of Insecticons and destroy the generators before Snarl is killed.

Once Grimlock does destroy the generators a feedback jolt hits Sharpshot and knocks him off his safe perch. Once on the ground he is snatched up by Grimlock in his dino mode and is ripped apart.

Legends mobile game

Sharpshot with Kickback and Megatron defeat Sentinel Prime. Assault on Iacon


  • Sharpshot appears to be the progenitor of the Bruiser breed of Insecticon.
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