Sharp Edge is a Maximal nutcase from the Beast Wars Neo portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Sharp Edge is a raging warrior on the brink of psychotic. He prefers to frighten the mortal hell out of his enemies to gain the mental edge before he strikes. His drive to fight, however, reveals his insecurity. Sharp Edge believes that fighting is all that proves you are alive and secretly does not wish for the war to end. He fears that he may cease to exist if this happens. Sharp Edge never questions his orders and follows them to the letter, but is always dragged down by that nagging feeling that if he does too good a job he will no longer exist.


Beast Wars Neo animation

Voice actor: Hideki Konda (Japanese)

Beast Wars Neo manga

IDW Beast Wars comics

Sharpedge battled with Gimlet for an Angolmois capsule. The Ascending #4


  • Sharp Edge
Japanese ID number: C-37, VS-37
Acessories: Head,tail,2 missiles
Sharp Edge is a redeco of Cybershark, and has been retooled to resemble a sawshark.

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