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Sharkticons are Shark-like Cybertronians that can live on land or in the water. They have a sense of smell that is as acute as a shark's. They live in highly viscous fluid environments. They swim very fast, and have multiple rows of very sharp teeth which gives them a nasty bite and they are carnivorous, meaning they eat other Cybertronians.


When Sharkticons first appeared on Cybertron is not known, but it is likely that they appeared after the Great Cataclysm. A number of them later either emigrated or developed on Aquatron alongside other aquatic Transformers after it became a colony world. The Quintessons eventually seized control of the planet and forced the Sharkticons into submission, feeding those who failed to fall into line to the vile Gamekeeper. Before they perished, however, they foretold the coming of a legendary warrior who would free them from their conquerors. The remainder were brainwashed into serving Curator Inquirata, who controlled them using his replica of the Matrix of Leadership. Other Sharkticons remained on Cybertron, where at least some of them-including Hammerstrike-engaged in piracy.

The Sharkticons of Aquatron were later employed by the Quintessons to subdue the Autobots of the Ark Crew and the Decepticons of the Nemesis Crew. A large number of them were then deployed to Cybertron via a Space Bridge to reclaim the planet for their Quintesson masters, under the leadership of the artificially created General Tyrannicon. However, Megatron then proved to be the prophesied Sharkticon champion, seizing control of the natural born Sharkticons using the Matrix Replica. His control of them was later destroyed by Tyrannicon's actions, and the Aquatron Sharkticons left on Cybertron were apparently wiped out while their comrades were left apparently free on their home planet.

Transformers Robots in Disguise

In Trust Exercises, the Decepticon Hammerstrike is a Sharkticon. Once Cybertron's most feared pirate, Hammerstrike was freed from his stasis pod after the Alchemor crashed on Earth. He took to the new planet's waterways intending to turn the sea into something approximating home and attacked the oil tanker, Windward. Bumblebee and Grimlock came to the stricken tanker's aid and were able to fight Hammerstrike off. He instead went to a nearby oil refinery, hoping to use it to achieve his ends, however Bumblebee and Grimlock turned up there too, and despite him putting up a fight, they managed to trap him in an empty oil barrel.

Another Sharkticon had fallen in with Glowstrike's crew of Decepticons as shown in Portals. After Glowstrike accused the Sharkticon of acting against their interests, Steeljaw beats him up to prove his loyalty to her cause.

In Decepticon Island (Part 1) and in Decepticon Island (Part 2), many Sharkticons are seen during the Bee Team's raid of Decepticon Island. They were all incarcerated, when the Stasis Bomb went off and placed on board the Alchemor for transport to Cybertron.

In Blurred, the scientist Ragebyte came to Earth to experiment with explosives, but was caught by Windblade. He was briefly freed to continue his experiments, and would have blown up Crown City Bridge had he not been stopped by the Bee Team.

Known Sharkticons