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The Sharkticon Matrix of Leadership was a replica Matrix built buy the Quintesson known as the Curator after analyzing the contents of Optimus Prime's Matrix of Leadership. The Matrix was closely linked with the original and could transmit visions and remotely control their Sharkticon troops in preparation for the coming invasion in their eternal quest to exact revenge on the Transformers. The Matrix eventually lead the subjugated people of Aquatron to freedom. Anyone who absorbs the Matrix's power is temporarily imbued with Sharkticon-like attributes such as additional fins, sharp teeth, and the ability to control every Sharkticon in existence, in addition to greatly increased strength and durability.


Transformers: Retribution

When the first Autobots touched down on the surface of Aquatron, the Curator activated his replica Matrix and used it to knock Optimus Prime unconscious with an upsetting vision. When rushed to the closest medical center for diagnostic scans, the Quintesson Xeros feigned surprise on seeing Optimus's Matrix and requested a closer investigation; in reality he transmitted the data back to Inquirata's replica to enhance its functionality. For the rest of Optimus's stay on Aquatron, he was regularly tormented by visions of enslaved Cybertronians, Quintesson assembly lines, and various malevolent presences, causing him to doubt his leadership.

When Optimus and Megatron formed an alliance after almost dying in the Quintessons' kangaroo court, the two leaders forced their way into the Curator's innermost sanctum, where they only found a terrified Xeros and no answers regarding the Curator's current whereabouts. In frustration, Megatron pounded a random control panel, revealing the decoy Matrix. Mistaking it for the Decepticon Matrix the Curator had falsely promised him earlier, Megatron shoved it into his chest despite Optimus and Xeros's protests. The Matrix transformed his body into the figure foreseen by an ancient band of Sharkticon rebels as their deity, and the treacherous Decepticon leader easily overpowered both Xeros and Prime with the help of his new Sharkticon legions.

During the final battle in Aquatron's subaquatic space bridge, General Tyrannicon challenged Megatron for leadership of the Sharkticon army. The Quintesson general easily bested Megatron before stealing his new Matrix and placing it in his own body. With his powers enhanced and his control over the Sharkticons restored, Tyrannicon prepared to kill Megatron before he was grabbed and eaten by the passing Hydratron, presumably also destroying the Sharkticon Matrix along with it.

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