This article is about the Energon Decepticon submarine. For the Generation One shark-monster Quintesson soldiers, see Sharkticon (G1).

Sharkticon was recruited to work in space reconnaissance, but he is even more effective in space or underwater combat. His fellow Decepticons don't care what his assignment is, so long as it keeps this reeking, repellent, repulsively cruel degenerate far away from them. He is highly maneuverable and adaptable in his vehicle mode, and a powerful combatant in either mode.


Dreamwave Energon Comics

All of Sharkticon's brief appearances have ended in failure. He was assigned by Alpha Quintesson to join Slugslinger and Mirage (who had been recently reformatted from Tidal Wave) on a mission to abduct Kicker Jones and beat up on some Omnicons. The plan literally went belly-up as Sharkticon suffered severe energy damage when the abducted Kicker unleashed his "special gift" of energon maunipulation, and was seemingly abandoned by his cohorts. Thanks, guys.

Later, Sharkticon attempted to infiltrate Ocean City from below. Having blasted his way through the clinging, jellyfish-like security system, Sharkticon ran across Kicker and the Energon Saber Mini-Cons, who knocked him back into the drink. Sharkticon's re-telling of his failure to Megatron was very unconvincing.

As you can see, Sharkticon had a troubled youth.

Energon Pack-in Comics

Sharkticon was part of an Eclipse-Team mission to steal refined energon from an Autobot installation on Earth. He and Slugslinger snuck in through the sewers, but fell into an Autobot ambush. Sharkticon tried to flee, leaving the wounded Slugslinger behind, but was shot down by Omega Supreme. To make matters worse, it appears that Sharkticon's out of control flight incapacitated Shockblast.



The orange is for my road side safety.


  • Sharkticon (Deluxe, 2004)
Sharkticon transforms into a Cybertronic submarine with dimly animalistic styling. (He lacks any kind of "jaws", despite what his official bio says.) His small gun turrets are movable, plus his side panels can extend outward to reveal spring-loaded missile launchers.
It has been noted by Aaron Archer that the vehicle mode's stylings were inspired by the Decepticon starship Nemesis.


  • Sharkticon (Deluxe class, 2005)
Sharkticon was repackaged in Transformers: Universe packaging and sold at discount chains like Family Dollar and Big Lots!. There are no discernable differences between this version of the toy itself and the original.

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