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Shaoshao Li is a human character in the Kiss Players portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Dear Japan, Please Stop. Love, America.

Shaoshao Li (李 蛸燒, Lǐ Shāo-Shāo) is an athletic Chinese kung-fu girl who hates bugs and ghosts and enjoys hot steamed buns. She is completely obsessed with Marissa Faireborn.

As a Kiss Player, she is partnered with Hot Rodimus, but doesn't like to kiss him after he's been fishing because of the smell. She also wishes he'd take her fishing with him once in a while. She speaks with a Chinese accent, which makes sense since her parents are from China. Her ethnic background is also the reason she has worn a collar secured with a padlock that reads "Fortune" since childhood and cannot remove it. This makes less sense.

Apparently, she's a decent singer as well.

(Note: "Shāoshāo" is written as "蛸焼", meaning "octopus dumplings". On the toy packaging, her name is rendered in English as "Syaosyao".)


Kiss Players[]

Voice actress: Yui Kano

Shaoshao's parents ran a Chinese restaurant in New York. It was there that she met Marissa Faireborn and the two became good friends. Later, apparently deeply jealous and resentful of Marissa's romantic attachment to Optimus Prime, she joined the anti-Transformers Earth Defense Command in Japan. Seen as a rising star in the organization, she was not pleased when she was assigned to the Kiss Player team and partnered with the Autrooper designated "Ne-04" (the 4th unit of Ne squad) under the command of Amaou.

Shao quickly became known as one of the E.D.C.'s most skilled Kiss Players, able to power up her Autrooper partner to levels far beyond those of her teammates. The other squad members respected her abilities greatly, and at least one, Ringo, may have developed a crush on her.

On one mission, Shao was sent to investigate a Transformers-related subway explosion. Following the incident, while still merged with her Autrooper partner, she happened upon a Legion member menacing a frightened young woman. She was able to briefly repel the attack before her Kiss Player time limit was reached and she was ejected from the Autrooper, unconscious and naked apart from her signature padlocked collar.

Badly damaged by the Legion's tube-shaped projectile tongue, the Autrooper turned to the young woman, Atari Hitotonari, and demanded that she kiss it or die, guilt-tripping her with the possibility of what would happen if she failed to act. Atari did indeed kiss the Autrooper, merging with it and swiftly beheading the Legion. The E.D.C. determined that Atari was an even more powerful Kiss Player than Shaoshao and promptly recruited her.


Shaoshao inside the pod

Shao apparently remained with the E.D.C. long enough to meet the new recruit and make a lasting impression on her. At some point soon thereafter, however, she suddenly awoke to find herself suspended in a tube in the basement of E.D.C. headquarters. She was bound with straps, naked apart from her collar and squad armband, and her stomach had been scrawled with "Ne-04" and the number "2045", which had also been written on the severed Legion head that hung over her head. Noticing that nearby tubes held similar heads and the partially-eaten bodies of Kiss Players from other squads, she panicked as the Legion head above her woke up and began to drool with hunger.

Suddenly, Hot Rod came crashing through the roof like a comet, just in the time to rescue her! In their escape, all that Shao was able to find to wear was a China dress. Fortunately, Hot Rod later stole Marissa's underwear for her during a battle with Optimus Prime.

Hot Rod and Shaoshao roamed Japan as fugitives. Together, they battled Legion, the E.D.C. and Optimus Prime, while taking time out for fishing and martial arts practice. Although she despaired of Hot Rod's lack of discipline and his obsession with kissing her, Shao privately admitted to greatly enjoying the sensation induced by kissing her robot partner. However, she maintained that she was only using his power until she could get Marissa back from Prime.

Kiss Players Position[]


Shaoshao dressed of the maid with cat ears

In the wake of the final battle, Shao-Shao, Atari and Marissa formed a singing idol group called "Kiss Players" with the cassette Transformers Glit, Sundor and Rosanna. As they performed at the Brave Maximus Fortress stop of their world tour, the Sparkbots Stardust, Angela and Zangetsu appeared and instructed the three humans to kiss them. Complying, they were teleported to Sherman Dam in the year 1985, just in time to witness a historic battle.

The Kiss Players continued to bounce through time and space, extracting fragments of the Allspark from famous Autobot leaders along the way. They briefly adventured on the planet Quintessa, where the power of Moe transformed Shao into a kitty-eared maid. She was not entirely thrilled.


Kiss Players[]

  • Hot Rodimus X Syaosyao (Kiss Players, 2006)
The only "toy" of Shaoshao is a small 1:24-scale PVC figurine of her in her Chinese red dress. She is permanently in a seated position, munching on a meat-filled steamed bun. She also comes with a bamboo steamer "accessory". She came with her Autobot partner "Hot Rodimus", and can actually sit inside his driver's compartment or perch on his shoulder, but not much else.

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