Shadow Striker is a Decepticon from the Universe portion of the Generation One continuity family.

She's a bad mamma jamma!

At an early age, Shadow Striker and her sister Roulette watched as their sister was destroyed at the hands of nomadic invaders. This tramautic event caused her to realize the difference between those who wielded power and those who *were* power. She grew up to become a criminal who ran constant jobs for the various gangsters on Cybertron, particularly Cryotek.

She's also kind of an airhead.


3H Universe comics

Shadow Striker, her sister, and fellow Autobots Sideswipe, Sunstreaker and Trailbreaker returned to Cybertron after a long absence. The planet's Maximals welcomed them home, but the celebration was interrupted by Unicron, who abducted all five Autobots, as well as the Maximals Silverbolt and Blackarachnia. Transported to the Pit, deep within the Chaos Bringer, Shadow Striker was physically and mentally tortured, and her body was changed into a new form. Soon she and her fellow abductees were stolen away and locked inside the Cauldron, where they would be forced to fight each other, the loser giving up his or her Spark to re-energize Unicron. Abduction

Although she and many other prisoners were freed by Optimus Primal, Shadow Striker had been corrupted by Unicron's influence. As they raced away from the Cauldron, she sped ahead of them, abruptly turned, and bombed a hole in the road that was leading them away from the pursuing Minions of Unicron. Primal was nonetheless able to use his link with Primus to lead his makeshift army to freedom, and Shadow Striker remained behind with the rest of Unicron's Minions. Escape

Fun Publications Cybertron comics

When Unicron's defeat at the hands of Optimus Primal's Children of Primus is revealed, Shadow Striker's fate is not. Though Shadow Striker is unseen, Roulette's downcast expression as she and her comrades escape from their victory suggests an unhappy ending. Revelations, Part 2



  • Roulette & Shadow Striker (Multi-pack, 2003)

Two identical molds with different decos that are both retools of the Robots in Disguise Side Burn toy.

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