Shadow Jet is a Decepticon from the Operation Combination portion of the Generation One continuity family.

The "freezing warrior" Shadow Jet schemes to one day use his cold powers to blanket the Earth in ice. So, naturally, his relations with the blazing Autobot Fire Road are bad.


Operation Combination

  • Fire Road vs. Shadow Jet (Versus pack, 1992)
Japanese ID number: TF-07
Shadow Jet is identical to the Predator Falcon, transforming into a Stealth fighter jet. It has a spring-loaded hand-held missile launcher, plus retains the Megavisor gimmick, allowing it to be conencted to the larger Predator toys (only one of which, Skyquake, was released in Japan, and even that was basically in UK packaging). It was available only in a two-pack with Fire Road.

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