Sevax is a Quintesson from the Marvel UK comics portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Sevax is the not-freakin'-ginormous five-faced Quintesson on the right.

Sevax is one of several smaller five-faced Quintesson "judges" who answer to Lord Kledji.

He hasn't got a very good track record.


Marvel UK comics continuity

Sevax was in charge of the Trawler Project, seeking out suitable metal worlds for the Quintessons to migrate to, as their home planet's orbit was decaying, tearing it apart while slowly sending it into the system's sun. However, a freak cosmic storm caused the message canister that contained all of the planet data to fly off-course, landing on the planet Junkion. Space Pirates!

When the Quintessons intercepted and captured Wreck-Gar, who was en route to Cybertron to alert the Autobots of the Quintessons' plans, Sevax was put in charge of extracting the canister's whereabouts from the Junkion. Presumably it was Sevax who hired the galaxy's greatest torturer, and subsequently sentenced said torturer to death for failure to get the information. The Big Broadcast of 2006!

Sevax was blamed for Wreck-Gar's later escape, as apparently he was in charge of the guards Wreck-Gar killed. He was also the commander of the troops sent off-planet to find Wreck-Gar. But they too failed, and the contents of the Quintesson message canister were beamed across the galaxy, making a whole lot of inhabitants of a whole lot of metal worlds very cross in the Quints' direction. Space Pirates!

Kledji made a few threats on Sevax's life. It is unknown if any of them were ultimately followed through, or if he died when the Quintessons' planet was finally torn apart.


  • Going on the assumption that the Quintesson who hires then fires the torturer is Sevax... Sevax is not very smart. He accuses the torturer of "feeble-minded stupidity", then immediately finds him innocent of it. The torturer was sentenced to death anyway, which certainly provided a good distraction from Sevax's self-contradiction.
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