LostBell Settlers' Bell

The Settlers' Bell was originally used to warn ships near Griffin Rock. It is a large lighthouse bell.


Transformers: Rescue Bots

"The Lost Bell"

The Settlers' Bell was brought to Griffin Rock by the early settlers when the town was founded in 1649. It remained in the town's lighthouse for over a hundred and sixty years before the town was attacked by pirates. The pirates stole the bell aboard the Oaken Crow, however the ship was caught in a storm and became trapped in a cave on a small, uninhabited island. The bell remained on board for another two hundred years before Cody Burns and four Rescue Bots stumbled on the cave after being stranded on the island. Once they freed the ship, they used the bell to attract rescuers, and took it back to Griffin Rock. There, the bell was restored to its place in the old lighthouse, and Cody and two other Lad Pioneers rang it during the Founders' Day celebrations.

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