The servility program was a program inherent to all Mini-Cons that bound them to a Bulk, or larger transformer. When an Autobot or a Decepticon Powerlinked with a Mini-Con, they would feel compelled to act with loyalty to that Transformer. Depending on the partner's personality, this could have been a beneficial or psychologically damaging relationship.

The first mention of the servility program was when Redline explained why their friend Rollbar had abandoned them after linking with the Transformer, Scavenger.

Before the program was removed from all Mini-Cons as the result of Redline's actions, the servility program could be overcome through effort on the part of the Mini-Con itself. However, with the Master Key discovered, and the Mini-Cons' full powers realized, they are no longer bound by this limitation and can exist fully as their own beings.

It is unknown why the servility program existed; either it was programmed into them by other Transformers, or it was inherent to the Mini-Cons and part of Unicron's plan to use them to subjugate the Transformer race.

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