This article is about the synthetic human leader created by Cobra. For the son of Megatron created by the U.S. Government, see Serpent O.R..

Serpentor is a leader of Cobra in the Generation One continuity family.

Ladies and gentlemen/ These snakes are slitherin'/ with dollar signs in they eyes/ with tongues so reptilian

Serpentor was a man created by Cobra from the combined DNA of past military geniuses (most of whose tombs have been missing for centuries), clothed in a ridiculous snake-themed costume. He kicked Cobra Commander out of his own terrorist organization and took over... for a little while, anyway.


Marvel Comics continuity

G.I. Joe and the Transformers

(This story did not take place in Marvel Comics UK continuity, despite being reprinted in the UK book.)

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  • Though not a Transformer, Serpentor's figure was notorious for Gold Plastic Syndrome. To this end, there were reports of brand new figures taken out of the package and disintegrating almost immediately. Yo Joe?
  • When you think about it, Serpentor and Galvatron are alike in some ways. They are both evil dictators, they are mentally unstable, and they have a hatred for seconds-in-command who happen to have the same voice. The difference is that although Galvatron is Megatron reformatted, Serpentor was created from DNA of historical tyrants.

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