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This article is about Serpent O.R., the Son of Megatron and creation of the U.S. Government. For Serpentor, the creation of Cobra, see Serpentor.

Serpent O.R. (Organic Robot) is a humanoid bio-mechanical construct and later (perhaps) Transformer from the Generation One continuity family. He is also called Serpentor.

This industry's venomous/ with cold-blooded sentiment/ No need for nervousness/ It's just a little turbulence.

Serpent O.R. was created in secret by a rogue group in the U.S. military using captured Decepticon technology, including the remains of Megatron.


Devil's Due G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers continuity[]

The Art of War[]

He was prematurely activated by a Cobra attack, and due to a programming malfunction came online as "the Son of Megatron." Learning some of the Transformers' history (and perhaps future) from Soundwave's captured head, he returned to Cybertron, took control of the ragtag Decepticon forces there, unified them, and launched a deadly campaign to capture the Matrix of Leadership and conquer the planet.


You've got the touch! This I command! Yeah!

It almost worked, but when Serpent O.R. took the Matrix from Optimus Prime, it changed him, enlarging and transforming his body into the mechanical Serpentor Prime, but also illuminating his mind and soul to the wonder of life and the error of his ways. Serpent O.R. sought then to end the fighting he'd started and take his own life so that another might receive the Matrix, but Cobra Commander took control of his body before he could enact his plan for peace. Serpent O.R.'s body was destroyed shortly thereafter when Hawk unleashed the power of the Matrix.