This article is about the tough-talking drill sergeant. For the ancient Decepticon warrior, see Slaughter (Decepticon).

Sergeant Slaughter is a human in the Generation One continuity family.

Cobra makes my butt boil!

Sergeant Slaughter is the drill sergeant for the counter-terrorist team G.I. Joe. His real name is classified. He is a complete and total hardass and could kick your butt into next year, where he'll kick it back to right after he kicked it a year ahead. And then send it home in a ditty bag.

An itty bitty ditty bag.

His preferred method of disposing of his foes was the dreaded Cobra Clutch, but in a sad twist of irony, he was never able to apply this hold to Cobra Commander.


Marvel Comics continuity

A test of Power Station Alpha was interrupted by the appearance of a giant transforming robot. After the Transformer was destroyed, it was followed by a much larger robot which called itself Superion. G.I. Joe's forces were overwhelmed by Superion, so Scarlett called for backup. Sgt. Slaughter's team of reinforcements consisted of Lady Jaye, Dial-Tone, Ace, and Mutt.

Suddenly, the Transformer retreated. Sgt. Slaughter noted later that its heart didn't seem to be in the job, and that it probably could have killed all of them if it had wanted to.

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