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The name or term Sentinel Prime refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Sentinel Prime (disambiguation).

Sentinel Prime is an Autobot in the Transformers Animated continuity family.
Animated SentinelPrime earthrobot

"Where is the jerk that calls himself Sentinel Prime?"
"I am that jerk!"

Sentinel Prime is a member of the Cybertron Elite Guard under the command of Ultra Magnus. Sentinel has a history of rivalry with Optimus Prime, who attended the Autobot Academy with him. In his academy days, he was somewhat of a maverick, leading the more responsible Optimus to refer to him as a "walking malfunction." Of course, he's the one that ended up on the Elite Guard while Optimus was sent off to repair space bridges, of which fact he's all too fond of reminding his former classmate. He also has a bit of a superiority complex toward non-guardsmen Autobots, not to mention that he's intensely organic-phobic.

All things considered, he's kind of a jerk.

His alt-mode is a snow plow truck. He possesses an energy lance and an arm-mounted shield which can be expanded into a force-field, as well as tossed about as a weapon. Basically, he'd be a knight in shining armor...if he wasn't such a jerk.

"But Sentinel..."
" a glitch-head. All due respect."
Jazz and Bumblebee sum up Sentinel Prime[["The Elite Guard"| [src]]]


Animated cartoon

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Voice actor: Townsend Coleman (English), Peter Reinhardt (German)
Animated sentinel1

"You're gonna need tickets to—THE GUN SHOW!"

Sentinel took Optimus and Elita-1 on a mission looking for an old Decepticon warship, hoping to get all the energon stored within. However, they ran into a pack of massive arachnids. Sentinel tried to hold them off long enough for Optimus and Elita to escape. When he came across a ship that Optimus and Elita had found, Optimus had to drag him away from the exploding energon, forcing them to leave Elita-1 behind. Optimus's radar couldn't find Elita's energy signature, and he assumed that she was dead. A furious Sentinel blamed Optimus for what happened, even though this whole disaster had been his idea. Along Came a Spider

When Optimus Prime rang up the Cybertron Elite Guard to tell them of the Decepticons in pursuit, he sneered that a screw-up like Optimus wasn't worth the attention of Ultra Magnus. Piping through a visual of the AllSpark from the cargo hold of their ship shut him up quickly enough.  Transform and Roll Out!

Sentl prime alt

When the snow starts a-falling, There's a man you should be calling...

Later, the Elite Guard visited Earth to reclaim the AllSpark. When Jazz decided to take a closer look at the humans, Sentinel warned that organics could spew out slime that melts through armor plating, deliberately goading Optimus Prime with memories of Elita One's fate. He decontaminated Optimus Prime's crew after setting a force field around the ship. When he heard that they'd defeated Megatron and the Decepticons, he didn't believe Optimus, almost causing a fight between him and Bulkhead. Sentinel boasted to Ultra Magnus that he had taken the initiative and scanned some "typical" Earth vehicles so they would not draw undue attention. He had, in fact, scanned massive, destructive vehicles for them both.

En route to Dinobot Island, Sentinel further evidenced how subtlety obviously isn't his strong point by driving through a blockade and off an overpass still under construction. When he, Optimus and Magnus arrived, they encountered the Dinobots, and Sentinel began to attack, believing their technology was primitive. Grimlock's subsequent transformation caught him off guard. They then went back to the city to take care of malfunctioning police drones. Sentinel , more worried about organic contamination, and vowed to see Optimus arraigned on charges of high treason, but Optimus finally told Sentinel off, saying to his former friend that Sentinel was on his turf now. Even when shown proof of the AllSpark not being destroyed, Sentinel's attitude did not change. He was thus rather surprised when Ultra Magnus said that Optimus had characteristics that Sentinel himself could stand to learn.

 The Elite Guard

Come one, come all! Join the merriment at the Cybertronian Renaissance Faire!.


He's here to eat giant turkey legs and kick butt... and he's all out of giant turkey legs.

Not taking the criticism to heart at all, he continued to be a general jerk to Optimus, the local police, humans, and pretty much everyone. His comeuppance would soon come in the form of a humiliating body-jacking by the Headmaster. Putting his reputation (and his noggin) in Optimus Prime's hands, he trusted his comrade to help him get his body back without letting anybody else find out. In this state he was slightly less condescending to Optimus, but it was hard to talk down to someone when reduced to 1/10th his size. He still had choice words about Optimus' practices in the process of saving his body however, such as ripping its arm off and using his head as a soccer ball. Deep down, Optimus was enjoying himself.

After recovering his body, Sentinel had to face the embarrassing prospect of reporting to Ultra Magnus, but surprisingly enough, Optimus covered for him. It took every ounce of effort for the big guy to utter a "thank you" to his comrade later.

While in the Headmaster's possession, Sentinel's body's weapons were upgraded into more powerful forms. At the moment it's not clear whether Sentinel got to keep the upgrades when the Headmaster Unit was separated or not. The Return of the Headmaster

When Optimus protested Ultra Magnus's decision to have his crew join the rest of the Autobots off-Earth, Sentinel was quick to jump on Optimus, saying that no sign of Decepticon activity had been detected (failing to consider that the Decepticons had been dampening their signals). He even went so far as to bribe Optimus with an offer of reinstatement in the Elite Guard if he went along with the official story. Through all this, he was more than slightly keen to slap stasis cuffs on Optimus in order to get him to comply with Magnus's orders.
Sentinel Prime shocked

Will get owned again...

When the Elite Guard's ship detected an AllSpark fragment in a runaway passenger train (actually a trap set by Starscream), Sentinel was irritated to find that he had to stay behind and nursemaid "Maintenance Prime" while Ultra Magnus and Jazz set off to investigate. The situation got worse when, discovering Decepticon presence, Optimus goaded Sentinel into a blind attack and took the opportunity to slap the stasis cuffs on him.

Sentinel eventually worked his way out of the cuffs and pursued Optimus to where the AllSparked train had stopped, threatening to have him tried and blacklisted for assaulting an Elite Guard, dismissing out of hand Optimus's justification of Decepticon involvement. Fortunately for Optimus, Megatron and Blitzwing chose that moment to blast Starscream to the ground in front of the Autobots.

Sentinel vs Optimus, with Jazz in the middle

"You're a better person!" "No, you!" "No, YOU!" "Ummm... bad guy?"

Sentinel had to take more time than the other Elite Guards to rally; unlike Magnus and Optimus, he had never seen a Decepticon before. Initial dismay aside, Sentinel did manage to last longer than the other Autobots against Starscream's onslaught, but the only reason he didn't fall was that Optimus took the stasis cuffs Sentinel had brought with him (anticipating Optimus's formal arrest as he was) and slapped them onto Starscream. Sentinel still thought Optimus drew out that battle on purpose.

Afterwards, Magnus expressed admiration over Optimus's willingness to disregard what were clearly ill-informed orders—praise to which Sentinel, predictably, objected. This just earned him another chastisement from Magnus about how sometimes the right thing was to trust one's gut over the book. Shortly afterwards, the Elite Guard departed for Cybertron. Sentinel could probably sigh in relief—no more looking worse than the "washout". Mission Accomplished




Must suck that the washout gets better toys.

  • Sentinel Prime (Deluxe, 2008)
Sentinel Prime transforms into a monster-truck snowplow, and is armed in robot mode with his trademark shield and lance. Unfortunately, due to the size it will be incompatible with the Headmaster accessory (which only works with Leader class toys).

This item is currently scheduled for release, but is not yet available.


  • Sentinel Prime's blue coloration and especially pronounced chin (even by normal Animated standards!) really make him look like The Tick. He's even voiced by Townsend Coleman, who provided the voice of the Tick in his 1990s animated series. At the Cartoon Network panel at BotCon 2008, it was confirmed that Sentinel's design was created after Coleman was cast for the role. It's pretty evident that the writers are running with it, having him utter silly, Tick-esque lines like "Energon-y goodness!"
  • At Botcon 2008's Cartoon Network panel, Derrick J. Wyatt confirmed that originally the character of Sentinel Prime was going to be Rodimus Prime, but the idea of casting Rodimus as a big jerk didn't sit well with some people.
  • Sentinel Prime's shield-tossing fighting style is a fairly direct reference to Captain America. Far more coincidentally, one of Captain America's many sobriquets is the "Sentinel of Liberty".
  • In "The Elite Guard", it is revealed that the "Prime" in his and Optimus's name is a designation of rank, so despite Optimus being an academy washout, he's still Sentinel's equal. This no doubt irritates Sentinel quite a bit.
  • Though characters named "Sentinel Prime" have been used or shown in two comics continuities and mentioned on the back of toy packaging, this is the first time a character named "Sentinel Prime" has been used in a cartoon and been produced as a toy.
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