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The name or term Sentinel refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Sentinel (disambiguation).

This article is about Sentinel Maximus. For other uses of Maximus, see Fortress Maximus (disambiguation).

Sentinel Maximus is an Autobot from the Beast Era portion of the Generation One continuity family.

I was delivered to your previous mailing address.

When Primal Prime was critically damaged in a battle with Cryotek, Apelinq brought his battered remains to Vector Sigma. To save his life Apelinq made the ultimate sacrifice, allowing the ancient supercomputer to merge his Spark and Primal Prime's into Sentinel Maximus. Sentinel Maximus combines Primal Prime's power, charisma, and direct link to the knowledge of the Matrix with Apelinq's strategic genius and ability to download virtual objects into reality. When a smaller, more stealthy form is preferable, the cab portion of his armored transport mode can disengage and transform into Hyperlinq. He has no known physical weaknesses.

Despite all this, he sure gets beat up a lot.


Universe: Featuring the Wreckers[]

When Apelinq and Primal Prime were melted together by the fire breath of a super-powered Cryotek, Vector Sigma fused their Sparks and bodies together to create Sentinel Maximus, who rose to challenge Cryotek's new power. Wreckers: Finale Part I Equipped with Apelinq's Transfer Interlink and Primal Prime's Matrix derived power, Sentinel was able to match Cryotek until the Predacon created robotic zombies to attack him. Maximus, now even more in tune with the will of Primus than Primal Prime had been, warned Cryotek that such actions would draw the attention of Unicron and bring him down on Cybertron, but the mad tyrant ignored his warnings. The Quintesson Al-Badur then advised Maximus to lead Cryotek to a subsurface chamber. Drawing his enemy there, Maximus discovered it to be a chamber where the Quintessons once banished their enemies to other dimensions, and both titans found themselves caught in a dimensional portal. Continuing their struggle, the two were drawn into a dimension of formless void, which Maximus ensured by tackling Cryotek through the portal. Preserved in the realm of oblivion by the energies of Primus within them, the two were prepared to continue their battle, when suddenly a voice called for Sentinel Maximus, and he found himself transported away. He came face to face with Windrazor, whom Apelinq had saved during his adventures on prehistoric Earth, and who had come to thank his rescuer and serve as his guide in the service of Primus. Windrazor explained that Maximus had been chosen to serve Primus in other dimensions where he was threatened, and the Fuzor then opened a portal to an alternate Cybertron so that Maximus could begin his mission. Wreckers: Finale Part II

Cybertron comic[]


Sentinel Maximus, in armored transport mode, downloads tiny jets into reality to stop the end of the multiverse.

Fluctuations in the fabric of the multiverse caused by the Unicron Singularity pulled Sentinel Maximus out of the Universe conflict and into the center of the Unicron Trilogy's Cybertron near the beginning of the search for the Cyber Planet Keys. Recruited by Alpha Trion to assist Vector Prime, they were all suddenly under attack by Unicron's minions Ramjet and Nemesis Prime. Sentinel Maximus fought back, but his adversaries retreated after destroying both Alpha Trion and Vector Sigma. Balancing Act, Part 1

After discovering that his battle with the zombie Dark Scorponok was just a diversion, Sentinel Maximus, along with Vector Prime, hunted the two down deep within Cybertron near the chamber that held Primus' lifeforce. Balancing Act, Part 4 Vector Prime fought Ramjet, taking their battle far into Cybertron's atmosphere, while Sentinel Maximus tried to prevent Nemesis Prime from unleashing the Dead Matrix on Primus' lifeforce, which would allow Unicron to defeat Primus and consume the multiverse, ending all existence forever. Sentinel Maximus failed, and Nemesis Prime sealed himself into the chamber alone, Balancing Act, Part 5 being stopped only by the chance appearance of Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus from the Robots in Disguise universe. Revelations, Part 1

After this battle, Vector Prime had defeated Ramjet, but was severely drained. He left the enigmatic Velocitronian Skyfall in the obviously capable hands of Sentinel Maximus, with instructions to take him far, far away and keep him safe, for Skyfall was very important for unspecified reasons. Revelations, Part 2


Robots in Disguise characters save Sentinel Maximus from tiny Unicron.

A while later, Sentinel Maximus brought Skyfall with him to help end the violently dangerous Mini-Con civil war that had erupted on Cybertron's moons. Revelations, Part 4 The civil war was actually constructed by the newly reborn Unicron, who wished to kill Skyfall and the likewise-important Landquake. Unicron attacked Sentinel Maximus, singling out the "Chosen of Primus," and Sentinel Maximus was unable to get the tinier Dark God off him. He cried for Omega Prime's help, who succeeded in blasting Unicron away from him. Revelations, Part 5

While Sentinel Maximus was occupied, Skyfall and Landquake disappeared in a devastating explosion. Sentinel Maximus mourned Skyfall's apparent death and voiced an apology to Vector Prime. The war was ended immediately when Primus appeared in robot mode above them, causing Unicron to flee.

Months later, after the threat of the Unicron Singularity was removed and the war between the Autobots and Decepticons was ended, Sentinel Maximus and the rest of his crew met that universe's Optimus Prime and his troops. He learned of Vector Prime's death and told Override of Skyfall's demise. Revelations, Part 6 It is not known whether Sentinel Maximus accompanied Robots in Disguise Optimus Prime on his mission to find Unicron or was returned to his own universe.



  • Sentinel Maximus with Mini-Con Ape-Linq (Max-Con, 2004)

Featuring more paint than a Sherwin-Williams outlet.

A retool of the Armada Overload toy, Sentinel Maximus' main body transforms into a Cybertronic carrier truck. The trailer portion can be pulled by Ape-Linq in his altmode, the cab mode of Armada Optimus Prime, or attached to Optimus' trailer to form a double trailer. It can also transform into a dual spring-loaded missile-firing cannon pack for Optimus Prime's super mode, and can also attach to Prime's trailer in its "base" mode. The robot-mode's shoudlers also have opening panels to reveal (non-firing) multi-missile racks.
Ape-Linq (aka Hyperlinq) is a retool of the Mini-Con Rollout, transforming into a Cybertronic armored personell carrier capable of towing the Sentinel Maximus trailer-body, and also forming the central torso and head to Sentinel Maximus' robot mode. He also has a "gun" mode with flip-out (non-firing) rifle barrels. Both the small robot head and the larger Sentinel Maximus head were given new tooling.
An exclusive toy for OTFCC 2004, it also had the electronic sound gimmick from the retail versions removed in order to keep production costs down.
This mold-set was also used to make Energon Ultra Magnus.


  • Sentinel Maximus went through several names before he saw release, the most notable being "Vector Prime." Hasbro rejected the name because they didn't want to dilute the concept of Primes, but later used it themselves for Cybertron Vector Prime anyway.
  • Despite Sentinel Maximus' name change, his shipping carts still said "Vector Prime" on them.
  • Early on, Sentinel Maximus was to come with translucent redecos of the Cyberjet molds, meant to represent three sparks trapped inside the Divine Light whom he downloaded digital bodies for into reality. Instead, Hasbro decided to use those molds themselves for Universe.

Look reeeeeal close at the inside of his right arm.

  • Sentinel Maximus' paint mock-up featured the Wreckers faction symbol (the Autobot symbol with a hammer for its forehead) tampoed on his shoulder and the inside of his right arm (seen to the right). The production piece mistakenly had normal Autobot symbols instead. Additionally, his bigger head was originally sculpted to be much wider (also seen to the right), and feature Prime-like antenna, but these didn't fit well during transformation, so his head was narrowed to eliminate the antenna.
  • Due to 3H Productions' losing of the convention license, Hasbro mailed Sentinel Maximus out to their owners, using old mailing lists that had many outdated addresses. Some buyers never got theirs at all.
  • Because of 3H's then-recent dissolution, Hasbro recreated an entire new packaging design, boxart, and profile to presumably avoid a potential legal battle. The packaging bio avoids mentioning details of 3H's Wreckers story, neglecting to note Primal Prime and Apelinq's union, and referencing Cryotek vaguely by describing a battle with a "diabolical and long-forgotten entity from the polar regions of Cybertron." Instead, Sentinel Maximus is described as a herald of Primus who emerges from the "shadows of Time to serve as a guardian over Cybertron during its darkest hour."
  • Furthermore, instead of the intended name "Hyperlinq" for the Mini-Con, "Ape-Linq" is used on Sentinel Maximus's packaging, possibly because the trademark for the former had not yet been secured. Curiously, there are no trademarks claimed, registered or otherwise, next to Sentinel Maximus's name anywhere on the box. Trademark is claimed for Sentinel Maximus on the photocopied set of instructions included inside.
  • Sentinel Maximus pretty much fails at everything he attempts to do.

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