Semper Tyrannis is a starship in the Marvel Comics portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Her name shall go down in history as... oh. Nevermind.

Semper Tyrannis is a major Decepticon battle cruiser. She is so important in fact that she doesn't even have a name. She's sleek, except for the parts that aren't. She is fast, though even with a head start she is caught by a flying island. She is powerful, though we never actually see her fire a single weapon. Okay, so maybe she isn't. She can however randomly change her color scheme from Purple to Gold. Truth be told we know practically nothing about her. However we know Scorponok chose her as his personal vessel when hunting down Autobots so she must have some advantages. Still, for a ship with no name and who never gets to show her stuff, she was important as she acted as the chariot which almost carried Starscream to Godhood.


Marvel Comics Continuity

When Decepticon leader Scorponok uncovered the location of a group of Autobots, including his arch-nemesis Fortress Maximus, on Nebulos he set out to reek destruction upon his foes. Of course, it didn't quite end up that way and soon Scorponok was leaving Nebulos to continue the chase. The Starship ferryed the Decepticon crew to Earth and then seemed to vanish for a while. It reappeared at Ratbat's ice base where Piranacon used it as a rattle toy for a bit. Starscream smoothed the whole thing over though. Just before he started a massive battle between the two crews, just so he could get his hands on Scorp's ship and go after the Underbase. Guess he thought it was faster or something, but he was wrong. Ratbat's Club Con caught up with him, despite the head start. Scorponok's starcruiser did prove helpful though, if only as a mace which he pummeled the pursuing vessel with. Ouch.


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