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Normally, one wouldn't expect a train on a mountain, but that's where you'll find Seizan (セイザン). The more drastic and dangerous the slope, the more Seizan enjoys using it in battle to drop down on Decepticons, barreling along at full speed.


The Headmasters cartoon

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The Headmasters comic


The Headmasters

  • Seizan (Trainbot, 1987)
    • Japanese ID number: C-129
    • Accessories: "Plain laser" pistol, 3 "joint parts" connectors, right Raiden fist
Seizan transforms into an Type 485-1000 Limited Express locomotive. He also forms the right arm of the team's combined mode Raiden... though he can also form the left arm if you're so inclined.
  • Raiden (Gift set, 1987)
The entire Trainbot team was sold both as individuals and in a six-bot Raiden gift-set. All six toys in this set were identical to their individual releases.
  • Raiden (TF Jr set, 1987)
An exceedingly simplified version of the entire Trainbot team was made available as part of the Transformer Jr series. Each individual has a (stumpy) representation of their larger robot modes, and could combine to form a stumpy Raiden.


  • Seizan (Trainbot, 1990)
    • Japanese ID number: C-358
    • Accessories: "Plain laser" pistol, 3 "joint parts" connectors, right Raiden fist
The Trainbots were re-released during Zone in new packaging, and only as individuals, never in a box set. The toys are identical to their original Headmasters incarnations.


  • Though it is a little tricky to tell the true meaning of Seizan's name since it is "spelled" in phonetic katakana rather than kanji, the most likely translation to English is "Blue Mountain".
  • The Trainbots are all originally Diaclone toys, which came in two different color schemes. It's also worth noting that there are several mold differences between the Diaclone and Transformers versions. Seizan's most notable difference is that the connector-peg for his robot-mode backpack went from a long, detailed antenna (as seen on his box-art) to a shorter and far less breakable peg. The Transformers releases also lost the Diaclone pilots (of course) and the little plastic tracks for the trains to ride on.

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