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Seekers are Fliers who are loyal to the Decepticons rather than the Autobots. They provided the Decepticons with invaluable air power against the Autobots during the Great War.

Their Autobot counterparts are the Aerialbots.

In Cyberse, according to Shockwave, Seekers has extremely low intelligence.


The Seekers were a pre-existing group long before the formation of the Decepticons. There is some indication that the Seekers are an elite group of the best of the best fliers, although what (if anything) distinguishes a Seeker from any other flying Transformer is open to question. They tend to mostly, though not always, share a common design.

In an effort to placate the eternally feuding cities of Vos and Tarn each was given something of value. Vos thus became the home of the Cybertronian Air Command home base of the Seekers. Starscream was one of their leaders before the war, and High Councilor Contrail seems to have been another. The Seekers were employed in ancient times to guard the secret of Dark Energon hidden aboard Trypticon Station. They kept this charge even when Starscream allied with the Decepticons, though for the most part they remained largely independent in the civil war.

Shockwave, apparently upset at being pulled away from the Crystal City, maneuvered Vos and Tarn into destroying each other, wiping out most of the Air Commanders that formed the basis of Starscream's power and bolstering his own position as Second-in-command.

In the aftermath of this betrayal, many of the surviving Seekers from Vos joined the Autobots, becoming the Aerialbots. Jetfire was one notable Seeker who defected from the Decepticons to the Autobots, helping them exploit their own flight skills further.

As part of his power play with Starscream, Megatron sent gladiators to kill many of the Air Command's scientists to finally take control of Trypticon away from the Seekers.



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