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The seed in its packaging

Joshua Joyce's seed, which he got from Lockdown

Seeds are ancient Cybertronian weapons used to Cyberform organic life into the Transformers Cybermetal. They are mainly used by The Creators in Age of Extinction.


A deploying seed

a deploying seed

Seeds are specifically designed to kill off organic life instantly, by turning them into Cybermetal. They work by re-configuring into charge mode, while turning on their blue charge lights. They hover low above the ground, and start rapidly spinning. When they detonate, they cause a huge wave of molten lava-like substance that burns off everything but bones from an organic being. Once cooled down, the bones are covered in Cybermetal, which is retrieved by ship. The bones of the animal are left behind. Seeds are launched in large groups by Creator Ships.



Psittacosaurus, one of the last surviving dinosaurs during the attack.

In the beginning of Transformers Age of Extinction, a large fleet of Creator Ships enters Earth 65 million years ago, and deploys hundreds of Seeds. The Seeds killed off the Dinosaurs completely, turning them all to Cyber-metal fossils, and the metal is collected.

Activated seed

Joshua's seed signaling its location.

Later in the film, Cade Yeager discovers that a company called KSI collects these metals, and uses them to design their very own man-made Transformer prototypes. The owner of the company,Joshua Joyce, wants more Transformium to build his Transformers, so he and an illegal black ops squad known as Cemetery Wind strike a deal with a Cybertronian Bounty Hunter known as Lockdown. Cemetery Wind captures and delivers the Autobot Leader Optimus Prime, and Lockdown exchanges him for a Seed. However, Joyce has second thoughts, after Cade convinces him that his prototype leader Galvatron (Tyran)/707.04 Delta is evil, and wants the seed to destroy Earth by making more prototypes. At that moment, Galvatron gains control over Joshua's Prototypes and attacks the factory. He and the prototypes chase after Joyce and the Seed.

The blast radius text message

the sarcastic text message

After finding out that the Seed had the power of a nuclear bomb, Joyce heads to Hong Kong, where he attempts to deliver it to the Autobots. However, the prototypes attack, and Joyce is left stranded in Hong Kong with Cade, hiss daughter Tessa Yeager, her boyfriend Shane Dyson, and Autobots Hound (Movie), and Bumblebee (Tyran). After several of the prototypes are destroyed, by the Autobots and the Dinobots, Joyce takes the seed to safety across a bridge, where he meets up with everyone else. With Lockdown killed, Optimus takes the Seed, and flies off towards space, in an attempt to find his creators.


  • The seed used in the film may be an actual replica used for the film, but of course, the replica doesn't actually work, it was just a prop.
  • It is unknown how Lockdown got a hold of one seed.
  • The seed also has an ability to transmit a homing signal,which will tell where its location is.
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