Sector Zero-Six is a location on Cybertron in the Dreamwave portion of the Generation One continuity family.

It was an impending raid on Sector Zero-Six that gave Grimlock some much needed perspective on his loyalties in the Great War.


Dreamwave continuity

After Optimus Prime became leader of the Autobots, the Seekers were dispatched to secure the command post in Sector Zero-Six. Although of little tactical importance, Megatron felt it was important to maintain the illusion of business as usual. It also kept Starscream occupied and would prevent him from interfering with the reconstruction of the planetary engine turbines and Shockwave's impending assault on Iacon. The War Within #2

While flying over Kaon, the Seekers spotted Grimlock brooding over his new commander's decision to evacuate Cybertron. Believing that Grimlock was a natural born killer, the Air Commander gave Grimlock their whole mission profile to attack Sector Zero-Six and offered him a choice: warn the command post, or help them destroy it and rejoin the Decepticons. Taking off, the Seekers proceeded to Sector Zero-Six, but found the command post empty, along with the mainframe wiped and all tactical data rerouted. Grimlock contacted the Seekers, giving them a message: "Me not like Optimus Prime and Autobots that much... but me like you and yours even less!" With that, a bomb Grimlock had placed exploded. Skywarp barely managed to warp them out in time. The War Within Preview

With no one to blame but himself, Starscream went on a (surprisingly well-founded) rant about Megatron's sadism, saying it was all Megatron's fault. Guess who Skywarp and Thundercracker blamed. Go on, take a guess. The War Within #3

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