This article is about the alternate reality game based on the Sector Seven organization. For the organization itself, see Sector Seven.

Hollywood lies.

The Sector Seven game is a part of the marketing campaign for the first Transformers live action movie. The website is the hub of an alternate reality game based on the fictional Sector Seven organization. As time has gone on, there have been different passwords that open up different and more advanced areas of the website. There have been eight passwords thus far.



The various story elements so far include:

  • It was discovered to be founded by seven guys. Well, ...a pizza boy got inside, once.
  • An experiment on the Allspark itself that created a lifeform which almost escaped. The Allspark was used on low-power but the resulting life-form's near escape and murder of a Sector Seven scientist means these experiments on the Allspark have been put on hold.
  • Scientists within Sector Seven arguing with the military that contact should be made with designate "N.B.E. 02" (Optimus Prime) to form an alliance. The military is refusing to listen to such suggestions when considering the danger of full-on contact with seriously threatening outerspace robots.
  • Throughout all of this, a mysterious "Agent X" is hacking their system and 'leaking' the information to us, the masses.
  • Actual email addresses exist and many have been bombarding the addresses with mail. Some have received replies along the lines of "Keep watching" and "Follow The Cube."
  • In the Sector Seven ARG, Transformers (film) and all related fiction, materials, and promotional materials are actually a counter-information campaign, designed to discredit leaks and cover up the existence of N.B.E.s by presenting the facts about them as fictional events. It is suggested that all of the popular Generation One was a similar campaign. This is supported by hacked video file evidence of mechanoids designated "N.B.E. 08" (Dinobot Grimlock), "N.B.E. 115" (Reflector), and "N.B.E. 125" (a mass-shifted Insecticon Kickback). Remember, only in the ARG. Definitely don't look further into this, and absolutely stay away from the Hoover Dam.

"Hexagon" codes

  • 9-5012-117, MB (Blue) - Mobile Command Center (used for events)
  • E-7138-117, GR (Red) - Sample logo from website
  • ZEBRA-25-V33, GR (Red) - XK Plasma1 report
  • VECTOR-89-V55, GR (red) - Discussing NBE 102

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