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Sector 7 redirects here. For the mini-series by IDW Publishing from the Dark of the Moon portion of the Movie continuity family, see Sector 7 (IDW).

This article is about the Sector Seven organization itself. For the alternate reality game based on it, see Sector Seven (game).

Sector Seven is a human organization in the Movie continuity family. Sector Seven, or S7, is a secret American government agency, which deals with extraterrestrial technology and threats. It has been around for quite some time, but how long exactly depends on who you ask.

It is so secret, it has its own secret website.

Sector Seven sometimes operates through the front companies S7 Industries. and Sectors Even.


Sector Seven was founded over 100 years ago by a group of seven men:

  • Stanford Julius Morehouse
  • Edgar Thibedeau Westfield
  • Neville Octavian Brewster
  • Percy Emerson Whitting
  • Wallace Wilson Clairmont
  • Alistair Jennings Crowther
  • Vance Milhaus Lawson

They are known as "The First Seven," and are said to have "hid the past to protect the future,"[1] whatever that means. Their portraits adorn a wall in the lobby of the present day Sector Seven headquarters, as a local pizza boy can attest.

In 2007, after the detection of a "blip" that matched their "threat profile," Agent Alexander Powers informed the organization that war might be imminent and that they were humanity's only hope. He and research scientist Rebecca Howard, ex-lovers, clashed several times over her desire to go public with information about the N.B.E. threat and seek assistance from other nations. This escalated with the detection of "N.B.E. Two," with whom Dr. Howard argued in favor of making contact.

Meanwhile, the mysterious Agent X began hacking into the Sector Seven network and leaking information to the public. Sector Seven ARG

IDW Movie Prequel comic

  • Apparently, Sector Seven has been around for a very long time; certainly, an existing group has been around since before Sam Witwicky's Great-Great-Grandfather encountered the Mega-Man underneath the arctic ice. Upon hearing his story Sector Seven immediately went into action to seize his find and discredit the story. Transformers Movie Prequel
  • Interestingly, even this older version of Sector Seven has a number of interesting artifacts in their collection. These include pictures and a skull from a "triclops" life form of some kind, a severed bestial arm in a jar (possibly from a version of the Beast Wars, although the sketch is difficult to make out and mechanics may not be incorporated) and what could possibly be a fragment of the Golden Disk. Most intriguing indeed.

Ghosts of Yesterday novel

  • 1969 - Sector Seven (headed by Walter Simmons, known internally as "The Old Man"), attempted the first test flight of an Ice Man-derived spacecraft (Ghost 1) using the Apollo 11 moon launch as cover. Unexpected complications occurred following contact with NBEs. At the same time the first attempt was made to relocate the Ice Man himself from the Arctic to southern Nevada to be better studied alongside a likewise mysterious "alien cube". Signs seemed to point to Sector Seven beginning to shift from being a secret U.S. military protocol to a non-military "black ops" program. Transformers: Ghosts of Yesterday The story also indicated that "Simmons and his family had been involved in Sector Seven work from its inception". However, no clue was revealed regarding the relationships between "the first seven" and "Simmons family".

Capture the Cube

In 2007, preceding the Mission City Incident, a lone operative of a third Transformer faction was able to infiltrate the Hoover Dam base and almost obtain the "cube", simply by "changing shape" when people were coming. If it had reached the "cube", the results would have been horrific. Capture the Cube

Transformers film

Being cars, the Autobots take fender benders very seriously.

A Sector Seven field team under Director Seymour Simmons headed to the Witwicky residence upon learning of Samuel James Witwicky's living car. Taking Witwicky and Mikaela Banes into custody, Simmons began to interrogate Sam and Mikaela aggressively, until the field unit's convoy was ambushed by Optimus Prime...who ripped off the roof of their SUV. Although they attempted to resist the Autobots, Ironhide alone had more weapons than all of them, and Jazz soon disarmed them. A backup team arrived to capture any of the Autobots they could, but were only successful in capturing Bumblebee and the two teens.

Taken to Hoover Dam, Simmons and Tom Banachek showed the teens, an army ranger unit, and Defense Secretary Keller the frozen N.B.E.-01, who Sam Witwicky identified as Megatron, leader of the Decepticons. However, Starscream arrived and destroyed their external power lines, while Frenzy sabotaged Megatron's stasis controls. With Megatron minutes away from thawing, Sam tried to convince Simmons to release Bumblebee, but Simmons was only convinced by Captain Lennox...who put a gun to Simmons's chest. However, Bumblebee, who was constantly being doused with cryoblasts, nearly lashed out at Sector Seven, before Sam calmed him and took him to the All Spark. Beyond providing a small amount of soldiers to assist the ranger unit under Lennox, Sector Seven played no serious role in the Battle of Mission City, which was mostly decided by the Autobots.

Sector Seven's time had come—and they had done nothing but make the situation worse, all their secret weapons being ineffective against the Decepticons, and having alienated the Autobots. Sector Seven was terminated in an effort to better cover up the existence of the Transformers, but it may have been influenced by their loss of control over the situation.

Titan Magazines

Sector Seven had made the situation so bad that, in an alternate timeline, a single second's difference by Sam at Mission City led to the conquest & Decepticon occupation of the United States and the gradual transformation of Earth into a new Cybertron, and their Hoover Dam base is used by Megatron to store Optimus Prime's frozen body. Nice one, guys. Transformers Comic issue 9

The only member of the organisation seen so far fighting the Decepticons is Tom Banachek. His knowledge of the Hoover Dam base proved invaluable, as did his knowledge of (and probable involvement in) a nanovirus that targets All Spark operational frequencies: a weapon Sector Seven created in case they lost control of the All Spark and needed to destroy it. Transformers Comic issue 13 Why they hadn't used it when Megatron gained the All Spark at Mission City? Because they suck.

Sector 7 was later reformed under President Allen, and Tom Banachek is now in charge of it. Their current mandate is to stop everyone on Earth realising that Megatron's aforementioned gradual transformation of Earth was not fully stopped and the planet is facing techno-organic armaggedon. This will not end well. Transformers Comic issue 16

Revenge of the Fallen

When Sector Seven was shut down, Simmons took all of their files and Frenzy's head for himself. Among the things in their files are pictures of places that have Cybertronian glyphs and pictures of what Simmons suspects are Cybertronians, something he calls Project Blackknife. Simmons said that he believed that there were Cybertronians scattered all over the world and tried to get Sector Seven to look for them, but failed. Simmons proves to have been right about that as those Cybertronians are Seekers who have been on Earth for an untold amount of time that is likely at least thousands of years. One of them is Jetfire, who proves crucial to the final battle as well as the resurrection of Optimus Prime.

Dark of the Moon

When the Ark crashed on the Moon, the Apollo program was created to secretly investigate the ship. This is presumably a Sector Seven operation even though it isn't confirmed, but Charlotte Mearing said that the only people who were aware of it in the present in Sector Seven had director-only clearance.


As an exceptionally well-funded secret government organisation, Sector Seven is at the cutting edge of human (or alien-derived) technology in their quest to better understand the Ice Man, the Cube, and to seek other N.B.E.s on Earth.

Sector Seven Mobile Command Unit

Nothing to see here. Move along.

To counter public suspicion and the information about the N.B.E.s leaked by Agent X, Sector Seven employed a mass disinformation program in the form of a road tour at various cinemas across America. Black Peterbilt cabover trucks pull large, armoured trailers containing sophisticated communications and scanning equipment, as well as a small cage for containing any captured N.B.E.s assigned agents happen to find. However, the communications equipment aboard these trailers are frequently susceptible to displaying emergency communiques from Sector Seven Command showing a very well-edited and scored satellite video feed of an alien robot attack in Qatar, usually in the presence of ordinary civilians.

M9-2 Harpoon Gun

After this, let's go shoot some baby seals.

The M9-2 Harpoon Gun is a weapon developed by Sector Seven, under the direction of Rebecca Howard. The initial protoype was completed in 2003. Featuring an armor-piercing projectile that weighs 21.2 kilograms, the weapon has a range of 55 meters with a muzzle velocity of 324 meters per second.

Primitive by N.B.E. standards, the weapon is nevertheless effective at subduing non-hostile aliens and contain them for cryo-freezing.

Pursuit van

Who took the doughnuts?

Once an N.B.E. has been located within range of Sector Seven field units, Mobile teams are sent out in pursuit vans to intercept and capture them (alive if possible). Equipped with the standard array of sophisticated communications equipment one comes to expect from Sector Seven, the vans are armed with a passenger-side M9-2 harpoon gun and generally carry a squad of troops armed with portable cryo-freezing units.

AH-64 Apache attack helicopter

Airwolf in action.

Sector Seven uses modified AH-64 Apache helicopters fitted with cryo-stasis rocket pods to capture N.B.E.s


Damn this gas guzzler. Which I as an American have a right to own.

For operations within urban/suburban zones or for human targets, Sector Seven agents travel in custom black GMC Yukons. They do not hold up well to being lifted by their roofs by large N.B.E.s, nor can they withstand electromagnetic pulses.

(Note: These SUVs also appear in the console version of the Transformers movie game. Although, they resemble Lincoln Navigators.)

Assault buggy

Not Beachcomber.

Based upon the Chenowth Desert Patrol Vehicle (DPV) formerly used by the United States Military, this all-purpose, high-speed recon and attack vehicle can be fitted with Sector Seven's specially-developed weapons, ranging from cryo-freezing cannons (though this requires cryo-tanks to be installed in the rear compartment) to belt-fed automatic grenade launchers capable of firing armor-piercing sabot rounds.

One of these buggies was imbued with power from the All Spark and became the Autobot Landmine.

(Note: These buggies also appear in the console version of the Transformers movie game. They also appear in the two Nintendo DS games.)

Sector Seven Drone

These large treaded robots patrol the interior of Hoover Dam serving as security patrols. They are also found at certain military installations seemingly not in association with the secret agency. They are equipped with two powerful cannons.

(Note: The Sector Seven Drones only appear in the console version of the Transformers movie game.)
(Also Note: A far different kind of Sector Seven Drone, a white, Decepticon-like legged robot, appears very infrequently in the Antarctic level of Transformers: Autobots in only one mission. One can later be seen running around on a glacier, and is the only source of non-mission EXP in this particular map.)


Transformers film

  • Capture of Bumblebee (Screen Battles, 2007)
Japanese ID number: SB-04

Simmons: "I'm gonna count to five."
Lennox: "Well I'm gonna count to three!"
Middleman: "Oh yeah, well i can count up to 42!!"

This Screen Battles pack comes a redecoed Camaro Concept Deluxe class Bumblebee featuring a more accurate grey colour scheme for his robot mode parts and a silver painted face and toes. The pack also comes with non-posable figurines of Sector Seven agent Seymour Simmons, a helmeted Sector Seven soldier, and what appears to be a figurine of Lennox painted like a Sector Seven soldier.
This set comes in a special window box featuring a diorama background of the scene where Bumblebee is captured by Sector Seven forces.
  • Other toys

A number of other Transformers from the Movie toyline are robots in disguise as Sector Seven vehicles, some straight from the screen, others straight from Gradius. These include:


  • According to Tom Banachek, Sector Seven was convened 80 years ago under President Hoover. (Banacheck later also states that the First Seven found the All Spark cube in 1913, but that might have been before Sector Seven was formally created.)

Contradictory founding date of Sector Seven

Various movie-related media have offered contradictory information regarding when Sector Seven was originally founded:

  • In the movie itself (which is, for all intents and purposes, the "primary" media), Tom Banachek tells John Keller that Sector Seven was "convened 80 years ago under President Hoover". This would place the founding date of Sector Seven somewhere around 1927 (assuming the main events of the movie do indeed take place in 2007). Banacheck later also tells Keller and everyone else given a tour of the S7 headquarters inside Hoover Dam that the First Seven had found the All Spark cube in 1913, but he doesn't explicitly state that Sector Seven had already been established by then, so the discovery of the cube might have in fact been one of the factors that had later led to the formation of the organization.
  • Meanwhile, information revealed as part of the Sector Seven Alternate Reality Game establishes that the First Seven had founded Sector Seven "over 100 years ago" (that is, before 1907).
  • Issue 2 of IDW's Movie Prequel mini-series implies that Sector Seven had already been established and operating for quite some time before Archibald Witwicky found Megatron in 1897 (they are shown to have a headquarters with quite a number of interesting artifacts displayed in trophy cases by 1898). To top things off, Sector Seven is shown to discover the All Spark cube as early as 1902.

Of course it's possible that all this is simply part of the mystery surrounding such a shady group... but then again, why should Banachek lie to the United States' Secretary of Defense about the founding date of his organization?

Then again, perhaps there were two versions of Sector Seven: one that began before 1897, create for the study of the Beast Wars (yes, they know about those), and the other, studying the All Spark and Megatron after their discovery date. As for the All Spark differences...well, it is a superpowered life-giving cube. Couldn't it be in two places at once?


  1. Names originally revealed via Agent X's website. Page mirrored here.

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