Secrets is the second installment in the Transformers: Fall of Cybertron comic series.


Grimlock reminisces about how the Lightning Strike Coalition obtained the intel that led to Swoop's mission to the Sea of Rust, in search of a Decepticon base with supposedly unlimited energon. With Swoop now missing in action, the Coalition leader is doubly glad the Decepticon they interrogated the information out of wound up dead...

Swoop rolls up to the object of his search: a derelict tower, home to a secret Decepticon base. Climbing his way inside, the Autobot is able to overhear Starscream complaining to Shockwave, insisting that the Decepticon scientist should continue to focus on providing the troops with unlimited energon. Shockwave, however, is far more interested in the Insecticons he has discovered and brought under his control, claiming that they are the key to Decepticon victory, along with 'cosmic secrets' that he has learned. As the conversation concludes, Starscream threatening to report the scientist to Megatron, Swoop attempts to slip away, but inadvertently winds up in the middle of a horde of Insecticons. Drawing swords, he attempts to fight his way out, and, whilst under heavy fire, he transmits a message to Autobot Headquarters...

In the present, Grimlock and the rest of the Coalition arrive at the Decepticon base, knowing that even if Swoop is dead, he fell fulfilling his mission. With the coordinates from his message, his teammates have located where the Decepticons' energon is, and Grimlock knows what they have to do: save the world.




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