The Secret Files of Teletraan II were a series of short (1–2 minute) profiles which aired in 1986, after select episodes of the third season of the original Sunbow cartoon series.

The Secret Files included recaps of past events, character and group profiles, and "where are they now" guides. They helped explain the 20-year time gap between seasons 2 and 3 to viewers who had not seen The Transformers: The Movie, and they sometimes included background information not found elsewhere. On occasion, however, the background information would be simplified to the point that it conflicted with the cartoon itself, such as when it is claimed that the Decepticons had lost the war by the time of the movie, and that Unicron recreated Megatron as Galvatron to reinvigorate the Decepticon army.

Secret Files

Secret File Episodes
Predacons "Forever is a Long Time Coming", "Surprise Party"
Autobots "Starscream's Ghost", "Webworld", "The Big Broadcast of 2006", "The Return of Optimus Prime, Part 1"
Decepticons "Thief in the Night", "Madman's Paradise", "Nightmare Planet", Dweller in the Depths", "The Burden Hardest to Bear"
Quintessons and Sharkticons "Nightmare Planet", "Carnage in C-Minor", "Fight or Flee"
Metroplex and Trypticon "The Quintesson Journal"
Cassette Transformers "Money Is Everything", "Call of the Primitives", "The Face of the Nijika"
Ultra Magnus "Grimlock's New Brain", "The Return of Optimus Prime, Part 2"


  • The Secret Files were narrated by Victor Caroli, narrator of the Transformers series, not Frank Welker, who provided the voice of Teletraan II.
  • The file on Metroplex and Trypticon is unique among the Secret Files, as it features a piece of exclusive animation of Scamper and Slammer not found anywhere in the series.

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