Seawatch is an Autobot Micromaster in the Generation One continuity family.
Seawatch cardart

Seawatch demonstrates the uncouth grope maneuver.

Seawatch is a member of the Rescue Patrol, and is dedicated to protecting innocents, and the environment of the seas. He's serious about it, too. Drop your trash overboard, and you can expect to get an earful.[1]

Seawatch used to be "Baywatch", but he got a promotion.[2] He misses those days. That Hasselhoff, he knew how to treat talking vehicles.


Marvel Comics

One of the earliest Micromasters and part of the team that rescued the Battle Patrol A Small War!, Seawatch later witnessed the first attack by the Demons and was so traumatised he went offline. Demons! He was brought back but was shellshocked for a period of time afterwards. Dawn of Darkness

Along with the rest of the Rescue Patrol, he was sent to Earth but got diverted to the face of Primus. Yesterday's Heroes! He witnessed a retelling of Cybertron's origin and the awakening of Primus, as well as battling the Mayhem Attack Squad at the world's centre. He got to fight Bludgeon and dragged the scary formidable ninja across a lake and survived to tell the tale without a scratch - where's your Metallikato now, Bludgeon? Primal Scream

He was last seen in a mission to capture Whisper on Christmas Eve 1989, The Greatest Gift Of All! but it can be safely presumed he was part of the all-out battle against Unicron On the Edge of Extinction! He leaves behind a respectable record of heroic deeds and witness to the Demons' existence & to Primus himself.



"Do you know how to water-ski? ME NEITHER!!"

Generation One

  • Rescue Patrol (Micromaster Patrol, 1989)
Seawatch transforms into a blue hydrofoil. He was only available in a four-pack with his teammates Fixit, Stakeout and Red Hot.
His toy is identical to Boater.


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