Seattle is a city in the Generation One continuity family.
PowerStationAlpha protesters

Typical Seattleites.

Seattle is a city in the state of Washington in the United States of America, near the city of Tacoma. It contains a military base, an interstate highway, and a bunch of goddamn nuke-hating hippies.

Note: The real-life Seattle has no military bases, though some neighboring cities do. Fort Lewis in particular is roughly 40 miles away, in a different county. The rest of the description is still absolutely true, though.


Marvel Generation One comicEdit

Seattle's Fort Lewis was the site chosen for the activation of Power Station Alpha, which was overseen by congresspeople, guarded by G.I. Joe, protested by anti-nuclear-power demonstrators, menaced by Dreadnoks, infiltrated by Bombshell, and ultimately stolen by Cobra. And in the middle of all that, it was also the site of Bumblebee's fateful destruction. However, the hapless Autobot's life was saved by the happy coincidence that G.B. Blackrock was enjoying a pleasure cruise in the area. When the industrialist's boat was the random victim of Cobra fighter-jet fire, the Joes who rescued him happened to bring the Transformers up in conversation, and he quickly volunteered his help. At Fort Lewis, he convinced them that Bumblebee was an ally worth rebuilding, which they did - into Goldbug. G.I. Joe and the Transformers

Generation One cartoonEdit

When Megatron brought the Key to Vector Sigma to Earth, he began experimenting with it in an area identified by Teletraan I as "40 miles west of the Seattle-Tacoma area." The ensuing battle threatened a nearby city, though it's unknown if it was Seattle, Tacoma, or neither. The Key to Vector Sigma, Part 2

Note: In the real world, "40 miles west of the Seattle-Tacoma area" would be the Olympic National Park, which is consistent with the evergreen forest Megatron began cyberforming with the Key. Notably, if that geography holds true, then the city seen in the battle can be neither Seattle nor Tacoma, as they are separated from the Olympic Peninsula by Puget Sound.
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