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The name or term Seaspray refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Seaspray (disambiguation).

Seaspray's ship

Seaspray was a member of the Wreckers, who fought alongside Wheeljack and Bulkhead.


Prime cartoon

During Wheeljack's space travels, he came into contact with his former comrade a couple of light years from Maderan. They made contact and arranged to re-united in the Dromedon System. However, Decepticon Seeker Captain Dreadwing caught up with them and planted a proximity bomb on Seaspray's ship, destroying the ship and killing Seaspray.

His death was brought up by Wheeljack during one of his conversations with Bulkhead. Loose Cannons


  • Seaspray never appeared on screen in this episode, and has no dialogue by far only his ship can be seen before it was destroyed.
  • Seaspray's ship is the exact same as Wheeljack's Jackhammer ship but with yellow on the wings instead of red.
  • Bulkhead calls him "ol' Barnacle Butt" due to Seaspray's underwater activities.

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