:Seaspray is an Autobot in the Generation 1 continuity.

Earth's ocean: an immense and drastically variable desert made of water, which hides a menagerie of the largest, the smallest, and the strangest creatures on the planet. Sunk in its dark and trackless depths lie ancient and forgotten relics, mingled with the spoils and remains of man. This ocean, this vast mystery, is Seaspray's element, and he loves it dearly.

The oceans of Earth are not alone in his affections. On any planet, at any time, Seaspray is a consummate sailor. Because he is not very comfortable on land, Seaspray does not do well in ground fighting. On the water, however, he has few equals.

French-Canadian name: Embruns
Greek name: Thalassolikos (Θαλασσόλυκος)


Generation 1 Cartoon

Voice actors: Allen Oppenheimer (US); Masashi Ebara (Japan)

Marvel Comics

Seaspray was a member of Perceptor's resistance cell on Cybertron. He was transported to Earth, with some of his comrades, after the raid on Darkmount.

Dreamwave Generation 1 Comics

IDW Generation 1 Comics


Generation 1

  • Seaspray (Mini Vehicle, 1985)
Japanese ID number: C-64

Generation 2

  • Seaspray (Mini Vehicle, 1993)

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