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The name or term Seaspray refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Seaspray (disambiguation).

Earth's ocean: an immense and drastically variable desert made of water, which hides a menagerie of the largest, the smallest, and the strangest creatures on the planet. Sunk in its dark and trackless depths lie ancient and forgotten relics, mingled with the spoils and remains of Man. This ocean, this vast mystery, is Seaspray's element, and he loves it dearly.

The oceans of Earth are not alone in his affections. On any planet, at any time, Seaspray is a consummate sailor. Because he is not very comfortable on land, Seaspray does not do well in ground fighting. On the water, however, he has few equals.

Italian name: Elica ("Propeller")
French name (Canada): Embruns (Spray)
Portuguese name (Portugal comic): Gota de agua
Portuguese name (Brazil comic): Oceanojato
Greek name: Thalassolikos (Θαλασσόλυκος)
Hungarian name: Tajték (Surf)


Marvel Comics continuity

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

Fish out of water.

Seaspray was a member of Perceptor's resistance cell on Cybertron. The Smelting Pool! He was transported to Earth with some of his comrades after the raid on Darkmount. The Bridge to Nowhere!

Later, after the catastrophic Underbase Saga, Seaspray was seen aboard the Ark, still functional and helping to move damaged Autobots about. The Man in the Machine! He was later offlined somehow. The Greatest Gift of All!

Cartoon continuity

Voice Actor: Alan Oppenheimer (U.S.), Masashi Ebara (Japan)

Seaspray was first seen on Earth fighting Johnny Depp with Tracks and Cliffjumper when a time warp unleashed a ship full of pirates on the 20th century. After locating the vessel with his radar, Seaspray helped the other Autobots push the galleon back through the timewarp before it sealed up. Dinobot Island, Part 2

He was next seen helping Perceptor and Beachcomber on a geological survey near the coast. When Blitzwing and the Seekers staged a surprise attack, Seaspray engaged Ramjet in battle over open waters. Remarkably, the dim-witted Decepticon tried to ram the Autobot hovercraft and ended up splashing into the briny drink for his troubles. Seaspray got thrown for a loop when Ramjet eventually came back up for air, but still managed to shoot down the Conehead in the end. Thrust's discovery of a nearby electrum pool took away any chance of a fair fight, however, and so Seaspray and Perceptor were captured and taken back to the Decepticon undersea base.

After the entire Decepticon army coated themselves with electrum, Starscream forced the two Autobots to fight to the death for the amusement of his troops. They attempted to escape by blowing a hole in the outer hull, but were caught on the way out by Megatron, who was returning with a third prisoner, Beachcomber. The Autobot geologist later managed to disable their guards, and they shot their way to freedom through a porthole. Using Seaspray's back-mounted propellers, they sped their way to safety and joined up with the rest of the Autobots at the electrum pool. The Golden Lagoon

Working with the New York City police on their Crimebuster program, Seaspray had the unenviable task of patrolling the Hudson River and other waterways. He found nothing useful but sludge and grime. Make Tracks


Why would he want to become Fabio?

Out waterskiing with Bumblebee one afternoon, the two Autobots stopped as dusk and Seaspray engaged in an old Earth superstition, wishing on the first star of the evening. He doesn't tell Bumblebee what his wish was for, but moments later, they received a garbled distress signal from a distant planet. After conferring with Optimus Prime, they took Perceptor and Cosmos to investigate the signal, only to discover it had been sent by a Decepticon creation known as Deceptitran, requesting aid because his slaves were revolting. The Autobots quickly got involved with the local revolution, and "bubble-head" just as quickly fell head over heels for Alana, one of the human leaders of the rebellion. Thanks to the miraculous Well of Transformation used by her people, the Tlalakans, both Seaspray and Alana were able to experience life in the other's shoes, with him temporarily becoming (mostly) human and her changing into a robot. Deceptitran and his allies were defeated, and Seaspray proved that even a chunky robot with a throat full of mouthwash can find true love. Sea Change

In 2006, Seaspray joined Broadside on a search for Trypticon's remains, only to find the giant Decepticon city had not been permanently destroyed by Metroplex as they had believed. Seaspray picked up a trail, but must have lost it, because it ultimately took Perceptor's separate analysis to locate Trypticon in the Federated Democratic Republic...whatever of Carbombya. Thief in the Night

Dreamwave comics continuity

Seaspray was among the Autobots working for Smokescreen and Tracks in an insurgency group on Cybertron and helped with rising up and overthrowing Shockwave alongside Optimus Prime and the Ark's crew. Later, he was chosen to travel to Earth aboard the starship Orion under Bumblebee's command, only to run into the super-freak named Sunstorm. Night of the Combaticons The Autobots found themselves forced into a devil's deal with Starscream in order to protect the Decepticon leader from his crazed clone brother. He did lead them to the Earthbound Autobots he had already disposed of, but then Starscream turned on his Autobot handlers, disabling Seaspray and his fellow soldiers before making his getaway. The Omega Effect Ratchet quickly got them back online, though, and Seaspray began working on the construction of Autobot City. The Route of All Evil


Generation One

  • Seaspray (Mini Vehicle, 1985)
Japanese ID number: C-64
Seaspray transforms into a hovercraft. Seaspray's G1 figure stands three inches tall and is one of the smaller figures of the line. The figure has a simple color scheme consisting of blue arms and feet, a white chest, and yellow legs as well as head and propeller system. The figure's only real articulation is at the shoulders. Like all the Mini Vehicles, Seaspray is available in a variety of pack-in variations. The mold has the Takara copyright stamp on the bottom of the feet portion.

Generation 2

  • Seaspray (Mini Vehicle, 1993)

Seaspray's G2 release used the same mold as the G1 release, but with the dark blue replaced with a dark blue chrome. It is otherwise identical in mold and color.

A rare variant exists that may have been a test shot run. These figures were apparently given out internally by Hasbro as Christmas ornaments, as they have been found bagged with a string attached and a card reading "Transformers Christmas ornament" on one side and "Merry Christmas from the Boys' Toys Marketing" on the other. The same treatment has been seen with a variant G2 Beachcomber as well.


  • Seaspray made an appearance in one of five original Generation One public service announcements, urging nautical children to wear life-preservers. In this PSA, he was voiced by Wally Burr rather than Alan Oppenheimer, his usual voice actor.
  • A reference to Seaspray is made in the video game based on the Michael Bay film. Various billboards advertise "Seaspray's Fish 'n' Chips". On the DS Versions, a boat in Tranquility is named U.S.S. Seaspray.

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