The Search and Destroy Robot is a Decepticon drone-unit from the Universe series.


The Decepticon Oil Slick employs the tiny but speedy Search and Destroy Robot in his missions of destruction. Presumably, the Robot has some considerable offensive capability. It is unknown if Oil Slick has more than one of these cute little guys under his control.



  • Crystal Widow vs Oil Slick (Multi-pack, 2004)
Available only as part of a K-Mart exclusive set, the Search and Destroy Robot is almost completely identical to the Mini-Con Nightbeat, transforming into a motorcycle of indeterminate model. The only differences between the two are slight differences in the shades of plastic used, and also that SaDR's rear wheel assembly was installed upside-down (the "B"-shaped joint bolted to the main body is arranged so the indent faces towards the body on the Robot, where Nightbeat has it pointing away). This assembly error is also on the also-nigh-identical Universe Nightbeat, Universe Treadshot's Mini-Con partner. SaDR can be stored in the back end of Oil Slick's car mode.
The same mold is also used by the Galaxy Force Micron Booster Mini-Con Gauge.

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